Check Out These Cool “Costumes”😅

Last week I shared my first ever experience with the FaceApp,  and much to my surprise it got a much better reaction from y’all than I anticipated. So this week I thought I’d do something along a similar line and then see how that goes. Yeah that’s right…It means I went ahead and tried yet another app today.

Except since last time I tried an app that messes with your face, I thought for today I’d change things up and go with an app that messes with your clothes instead. So ta-da…Allow me to introduce you to the Costume App. lol

All it is is an app that has preset costumes that you then plaster you face onto.


(these turned out to be my best pics)

First there was this pic of me stuck on the moon.


Sorta reminded me of the poster of Matt Damon’s character from the Martian. lol


Which speaking of Matt Damon… this is from that time I rescued him from that snowy planet. You might remember. 😛



Then there was me as Superman.


Although looking back I shoulda taken my glasses off. Superman with glasses on is all kinds of wrong. I mean where is the secret identity now XD


But speaking of things that are all wrong…nothing coulda prepared me for THIS


I mean look at that.  I’m practically half a step away from looking like a chibi Wolverine.


and I don’t make much of a better Deadshot either. 😆 I think it’s the glasses that make all these look a little off.



Ok maybe it’s not JUST the glasses, I definitely have a bit of a baby face going on…but admit it tho, at least I would look good with longer hair.



Then to change things up I also tried to see what I would look like If I packed on some muscle. (By some I mean a lot)



Do you think this would be too much muscle for me?



Lastly of course I also had to throw in some gender bending too. Specially after how hot I looked as a girl with the FaceApp. 😛 lol

The first one however didn’t come out so good.



But the results certainly got a little better and better the more I went a long..



as for this last one… not too bad.


So yeah… once again not too shabby overall eh?

Well there you go, another useless post for ya. Hopefully you at least got a couple laughs from this. and do let me know which of these you thought came out the best. Until next time. ^___^


#Bonus: I thought these looked so unconvincing I thought they were the funniest.

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