$illyfornia Review

Ayyeeee~ this is hot!


Wasn’t planning on posting anything today but I stopped upon this by dumb luck and fudging heck if it wasn’t fuego.  😎💪📢🎶🎵🔥

So here’s the skinny, I was just looking through my Japanese itunes earlier( yes been having that shizz set to Japan lately), when by chance I unexpectedly came across this korean hip-hop album. Was there hiding in the mix under the “recent releases” section for hip-hop. Now obviously I was originally looking for new Japanese artists, however, 3 things caught my attention almost immediately that I simply could not ignore.

  • first. like how the fact that this artist was a female artist among what seemed like an endless sea of males only. so she was easily able to stick out like a sore thumb. plus you know how I be, always down for some good female rappers right?
  • then second. her name was intriguing to say the least. It was “Queen $illy.” Need I even say more fam. The fact that she has “Queen” in it obviously makes one think she has confidence. but then because of the “$illy” part it makes one think she also has a sense of humor to go a long with it. SO she probs doesn’t take herself overly serious which is nice.
  • then for the last point. The album is titled $illyfornia…. and I’m from California. How can I NOT have my interest peeked by THAT. 😛

Thus I decided to take a quick detour on my plans and check out her album. It was a gamble because I literally knew nothing going into it. Had never heard of this chick before at all. I even tried to look for some reviews beforehand to see what the dillio was. But you know what I found, zilch. That’s right, nada. If you yourself were to go type either “$illyfornia review” or “Queen $illy review” right now chances are you will get nothing either. This might actually be her first English review now thinking about it. but I digress. lol

Eventually I just delved in with some low expectations as that’s all one can really do.  What happened next though was pretty interesting. Little by little I found my expectations start to naturally grow. Track by track growing  exponentially even. Now the intro  wasn’t a particularly special start or anything I will admit, but it was a solid enough start for setting the mood. I would describe it as setting the calm before the storm. It was a solid base to build off of.

Then from there Drop out of school  was able to build upon and carry it to another level. On part by mixing things up. For example, by upping the energy with what I would describe as a trance like beat. With some dirty street feeling bars layered on top. Now again one could say it was overall nothing too special, maybe even little on the generic sounding side, but still I liked it.

However it was once  Bad Bich came out that it was really a game changer. I think that is when most people will realize ok this is when the storm hits. It was then I was like oh ok so this album IS gonna have some good ass “hip-hop.” It was what I was hoping for. Now I don’t know shizz about this girl or her backstory but from the passion I got from the tracks here she came across to me like a person committed to do straight up rap. Not an idol who was told to do rap. Just a sense I got from how ham she went as things went on, the energy behind her words, and little nuances in pronunciations. With just the right amount of aggressiveness too.

But of course, do keep in mind I don’t know Korean yet and I couldn’t find the lyrics anywhere, so she could have been going on about some dumb Sh*t for all I know. That said for me she totally made the material she was working with sound proper and good to the unknowing bystander. Again the girl has got that aggression down, with good delivery, and some interesting flow changes to boot. In fact while her title track Bad Bich might have gone hard, it was her other tracks I found to be even more intricate and interesting on the ears.

I would say 3 standout tracks are Moo_zi, No Time, and Crush. If limited on time those should take the top priority I would say. And would probs also throw in Roxy in there too. See? Lots of goodness. The best thing is that while I may have thought all these songs had similar levels of hype they ultimately ended with their own feel. Surprisingly none of them blended into each other which I see happen in many albums.

Actually I would say it’s been awhile since I’ve run into an album like this where I was like “ok this is my fave track” only to say it again with the next track. To me 9 out of the 10 have good replay value. Ironically the only one titled “Fuck it up” needed more energy and a better hook for it to work for me. I think for me it was the only track that sounded like the beat and lyrics weren’t quite on the same page thus giving it an off feeling. Other than that I like I said I thought everything else was on point and the album ended on a strong note.

Overall I’d give this a 9/10 since 9 out of the 10 songs overall worked for me. Even the first two that I wasn’t over the moon at the start felt better when in context of the build up of the album.  It’s seriously the kind of album that gets better the more it goes on. Meaning the second half overall is the best. It’s got good replay value and I’m now a fan. Considering this is her first album I am curious as fudge where she takes her music from here.


p.s. this was my fave song in my album so if you don’t listen to them all please listen to this one at least. 🙂 It’s a prime example of that aggression I mentioned she had. Also it has the most flowy flow.


Please share your thoughts if you give these a listen. I’ll see you again next time.

5 thoughts on “$illyfornia Review

      • hey do u have instragram….

        so a good example is: Machine Gun Kelly’s song RAP DEVIL and then Queen $illy’s song FUCK IT UP. if u listen to both, you will hear a slight resemblance to the sharp, intense rapping and shit. if u aren’t too familiar with him, u might enjoy it. i know u like rap.

        also did u know that RAP DEVIL was a diss to Eminem? he wrote a track in reply to RAP DEVIL called KILLSHOT and dissed Machine Gun Kelly back. its fucking lit xD


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