皆、Tanyaのことを聞いたことがありますか? 彼女はアルバニア出身の歌手/ラッパーです。 私は2~3週間前にユーチューブで彼女を見つけました。 彼女の音楽はとてもいいから、世界中で有名になる可能性があると私は思っています。 特にアメリカでね。

(Hey everyone, have you ever heard of Tanya? She is a singer / rapper from Albania. I found her on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. I think she has a good chance of being popular globally. Especially in America.)

ネットで彼女のことを調べた方がいいよ。「悪い女」というコンセプトをもった歌手が好きなら、彼女のことをすきになるでしょう。 彼女はとてもイケてるし、とてもカメラ映えします。彼女のラップスタイルも好みです。時々、彼女を見るとCardi Bを思い出す。彼女はやる気と自信に満ち溢れているようだ。これらの全てが、私が彼女を好きな理由です。彼女は私のタイプだと言っていいです。

(You have to look her up. If you like singers with a “bad girl” 😎concept you will like her. She is pretty dope and has good camera presence. I also like her rap style. Sometimes I get a Cardi B vibe from her. She seems to be full of motivation and confidence. These are all reasons that I like her. I can say she’s my type of girl.)


(Moreover, her fashion is also pretty good. The people in charge of her wardrobe do a good job. She is always wearing different outfits. And all of it looks good on her. Whenever I see her, she looks like an entirely different person. 😮 It’s unbelievable.


(But, my favorite thing is that all of her music videos look different. If you have time you should listen to these songs . You Should be able to find a good one among these.)



(I am excited to see what she will do next. In the future I’d like to listen to more Albanian rap music. So far my experience has been good. Does anyone have any recommendations?


**lol hope you liked my latest recommendation. This turned out a little shorter and more awkward than usual because I tried to do it in Japanese. 😅


8 thoughts on “Tanyaのことを聞いたことがありますか?

  1. I really liked Tanya’s personality, though her songs would not be much of my preference. Anyway, two things that stood out in her videos for me were colors and editing. Phenomenal job on that part plus the outfit as you said. Thanks for another recommendation. And oh! Though I don’t read Japanese, I really appreciate your effort to write this post in it. Shows how much you are committed to learning this language 🙂


  2. Wow, this was really good! “世界中で有名になる可能性があると私は思っています。” It’s perfectly fine to completely drop 私は because you are the implied speaker. You’ll see this a lot the more you study. So far fantastic work 🙂


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