Sakura uploaded a New Gaming Video!

I didn’t think my day could get any better. 😮

OMG I can’t believe my eyes. After many months of no new uploads we suddenly get blessed by this latest release to her youtube channel(ちゃんねる宮脇咲良). And it’s gameplay of Apex Legends no less. I couldn’t be any more ecstatic. As a fanboy of Respawn, someone who seriously finds their Titanfall series to be criminally underrated, it’s such an added joy to see this girl get to enjoy the studio’s latest entry into the Battle Royal scene.

More than that though it’s just great overall to have her back in the gaming scene period. Like after having binge watched all her videos just few months back I was beginning to wonder when she would make a comeback. However seeing as she not too long ago debuted as a member of IZ*ONE(which is kind of a big deal in the kpop scene)one woulda thought she’d be way too busy to be keeping up with the latest shooters…..At least for a solid year or two!

Seriously having to jumble so many idol activities, how the fudge was she able to find the time to record this? I guess a true gamer will always find a way. haha

But hey,  if you were a fan of the group but didn’t know Sakura was a gamer until this very moment then I suppose you are in for a treat. In my opinion Gaming Sakura>idol Sakura. now she may not have THAT many videos under her belt just yet but trust me the stuff she puts out is gold. Always be bringing that positivity and making her gaming sessions have this really nice chill and laid-back atmosphere that the average person can enjoy. In fact sometimes it’s like watching gaming ASMR. She’s got quite the soothing voice and I think even a lot of you non gamers can enjoy her stuff because of that.

But anyways if you don’t know where to start or just don’t have that much time, I recommend checking out her Fortnite vids. I’m not even into that game(I kinda hate it actually) but it’s her personality and outlook, it just gets you. Such a ray of sunshine. Plus her getting her first #1 Victory Battle Royale is something people everywhere should get to experience. If you could only get to experience that one reaction I believe you will become Team Sakura 4 life.

To this day it’s etched into my soul. 😛

Sakura pwns noobs.PNG

*it was because of this exact moment that I was waiting for her to try other shooters. Now if only we can get her on Overwatch or PUBG**

P.S. if you happen to be like me, her gaming vids are also a surprisingly good way to practice your Japanese listening skills. I never noticed but gaming vids in general can be cool for that because the person(s) playing have to slow down a bit and take breaks in their talking for the sake of focusing on the game. Meaning there can be longer spaces between words and phrases. So it’s easier to absorb everything said unlike in a vlog where it sometimes feels like a million words per minute. Plus if it does start to get to be too much, you can always just focus on the gameplay yourself.

However if you ain’t into the language learning aspect do know her videos have English translations. So yeah there’s that too. I guess you ain’t got any excuses for not giving her a try. With that said I’ll keep in touch.


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