BTS sells out Wembley Stadium?

Holy amazeballs looks likes a Korean Act just did that in 2019! And what is this I hear, about 90k tickets in under 90minutes? Talk about truly insane. 😮

For some context fam, this is the same place that only top acts like Queen and David Bowie, to more recently people like Taylor Swift and Adele, have been able fill up. Now if those ain’t some names fo yo a$$ I don’t know what is. Those are some amazing names to even remotely be associated with. I can surely guarantee at this point even the most die hards of this group  woulda never predicted anywhere near these levels of success. Not even you delulu fans out there. I mean to be able to fill stadiums all over the world, it’s such a rare feat that only highlights the group’s exponential growth as of late.

I swear every year you think, “ok this must be their peak year” cuz it’s getting so cray cray it can’t possibly get any better. I mean at this point they are hitting levels of hype that aren’t just matching but surpassing many Western acts. People have been constantly getting mindblown NON-STOP since like 2016! and Think about it, has there really been any downtime, any pitfalls, along the way? Not really that I can think off. In fact if we where to transcribe their success to a line graph I’m pretty such at this point it would look more like a bar graph. The shizz would be almost entirely vertical. lol

The group has gone from things like attending the BBMAs to just within the following year performing there. Not even performing but having their comeback stage. Have you ever stopped to let that fully sink in. Now even the long held joke of them winning a Grammy doesn’t seem like a joke at all. The dudes have even presented an award for them, and selling out stadiums globally will only help them get more on their radar.

It’s things like this that seriously make me think this next comeback could be the time it happens.  Yup fam I wanna call it now, I think we’re actually gonna hit double #1 on the Billboard charts with their upcoming comeback. The stars are aligning themselves. I actually think with all this latest exposure there is almost no way for us to not hit #1 on The Hot 100 AND  The Billboard 200.  I mean sure it would be even easier if they released the single ahead of time, seriously Big Hit just do it, but fudge even if they don’t I am certain we could. I even think we can hold at least one of these spots for more than a week!

After all these latest articles I’ve seen on their huge levels of fan engagement, mainly through sales and streams primarily, I actually think Western Acts might change their schedules to not coincide with a BTS release! Yah it might be them avoiding BTS. I think they have gotten there. If they haven’t, surely they will once news of all these other stadiums selling out too start to make waves. Last year was about people realizing they are not a passing fad, this year is about them showing the world they are artists to be reckoned with.

So yeah what you peeps be thinking? Let me know.  BTW sorry if this post was messy it was a spur of the moment thing.


P.S. over 200k people were in the queue, say what


8 thoughts on “BTS sells out Wembley Stadium?

  1. I got my ticket! I’m so excited to see them again. Honestly, watching everything as I have since 2015 has been a wild ride. Sometimes it doesn’t even sink in to me how popular they’ve truly gotten, nor how much they’ve truly achieved over the last two years or so, it’s so crazy!

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    • Yeah the explosion in popularity is unreal. I was just reading a minute ago that their album sales made up about75% of all kpop sales in America period! Hope you have the best time at the concert.

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      • Thank you! Wow, that’s amazing! I swear they grow more and more each time I look at twitter and it literally blows my mind. I always sound like such a fan girl, but I am really proud of them.


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