Chanmina- I’m a Pop Review 😎

My Paraphrased Translation: I’m a beast. No way you haters can mess with me. Try to box me in or underestimate me in any  way and you will just get popped.  I’m gonna express myself in whatever way I want.😆(ok maybe not the most accurate of translations but you get the gist)

*looks like themes of self identity continue to flow in her music*


Holly heck now THIS is the Chanmina I love!

I hope by now you peeps have had the chance to check out Chanmina‘s latest single. The shizz has been a straight up bop. Although to be fair I had suspected as much since I had already  heard Ryosuke Sakai(a.k.a. Dr. R) himself was gonna be  involved. Which for those not in the know, is a guy who has actually worked with her in past to some amazing results. Like for example have y’all heard “Lady” yet? It’s an all time goodie that you should also get on if you haven’t, but I digress. The real meat and potatoes of today’s post is not that song but this latest single I’m a Pop.

I wanted to bring it up because in my opinion it is Chanmina at her absolute best. It’s unabashedly over 3 minutes of her being her bad rebellious self and I myself couldn’t be any more pleased. If you’ve thought you’d already seen her bring the heat in previous works you are in for quite the surprise. As we already know she’s an artist who is no stranger to speaking her mind but trust me this time, oh man, she not only comes to get it in in Japanese and in English, but ALSO in Korean fam. I’d best describe it as a “trilingual diss bop.” Where else will you be getting something like that? No doubt this is some ratchet goodness.

And yes, this means that with the MV we are blessed with yet another good showcase of the cocky side of Chanmina. Which if you you know me, that’s my favorite side of Chanmina. I don’t know what it it is exactly(maybe that stank look she gives?) but it’s just that when she’s in that mode she just projects and oozes so much fierceness on camera that it’s no joke. It’s like her looks naturally become so killer that unlike many other rappers she can casually disseminate a fool without even trying. I mean seriously pay attention to the beat.

Here you have the sort of back beat where lesser rappers would be trying to bring out their aggressiveness to make up for it but yet, her bars be sounding controlled as all hell. Maybe it’s just me but it makes it twice as scary that way, and it’s cuz of details like that that I’m currently in all around  love with this song. From her ever so casually/metaphorically giving an F-U to the haters, down to the catchy and beautiful song melody, it’s all working.

This insight into her range proves what she says, Pop, Hip-Hop, or whatever else, she can really do it. It’s just up to her if she chooses to. That’s why my fave line is:

“This music doesn’t have a name”

Why? Because it really doesn’t need any labels. If you follow her music you know that while she mainly might do hip-hop and pop, at the end of the day it’s not the genre dictating her music. It can be whatever she wants it to be because it’s all about her expressing her feeling and thoughts first and foremost at the end of the day. So all those people saying she should pick either pop or hip-hop, or that she would be more popular if she did Kpop instead, are sadly missing the points in her music.

So again check her out if you haven’t done so already. All these latest releases about “self identity” have been really interesting and have had such different directions. They are bound to make you think while grooving along. As for me I will continue loving Chanmina and will also continue to shout from the rooftops until she is world wide famous. 🙂

This shizz gets a fiery 9/10 from me. 🔥


P.S. before I go can we all appreciate this look please. I know she had many cool outfits in the video but this one was wow.




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