MiSO- On N On Review

Oh wow what a surprise. How is this not a hit?

**Translation(?): Boy you caught my attention. Now you’re always on my mind. I want you.(Think that’s the gist of the song but don’t quote me. lol)

Wow this new direction in her music is something else. It’s something I woulda never expected nor would I’ve ever thought I needed. I’m so use to MiSO having more of a swagger to her step that suddenly hearing such a lively “girl likes a boy” bop coming from her threw me for a loop. Took a minute to adjust to it but damn if afterwords it didn’t turn out to be a pleasurable experience as always. I always new she had the vocals to where she didn’t have to focus so much on just rapping, but where they always to this level? 😮

I swear this girl is one of the most criminally underrated in the game. How she improves with each comeback is highly commendable. Always showing new sides. Now with the knowledge that she is legit a triple threat it begs the question, “how has she not popped off yet?” Like I know the kpop industry is over saturated as all heck right now, so people like her from smaller companies will easily get lost in the shuffle, but still. She’s such a well rounded idol you would think it would make her much easier to stand out.


Like here’s a girl who can dance, rap, AND sing. Not to mention has unbelievable camera presence(did you catch the beautiful smiles?) and a humble attitude to boot. And as if that wasn’t enough from what we can gather from this latest vid and past work, she can apparently rock both the badass AND friendly concepts too. At this rate of growth and improvement, I think it’s only a matter of time before people realize she is to be reckoned with.

If fact who knows? Could it be this song that ends up being said breakthrough for her, or will she have to wait even longer? Wish I could definitively answer but that’s anyone’s guess honestly. What I will say though is that I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was, since I think On N On is unquestionably her best work to date. Why? Simple, because compared to her previous works I’ve seen despite preferring rap, I’d be lying if I didn’t say this new direction has suited her natural voice the best. Sure I’ll always appreciate her higher pitched raps but in retrospect it probably hasn’t been the best on her voice.

Now I don’t wanna oversell it. It’s not a super deep song for her to grind her teeth into, nor is there anything ground breaking with how it was filmed or anything like that. Probs not a Game Changer in Kpop. However it is a super smile inducing bop that’s a lot fun and that shouldn’t be underestimated. Nothing wrong with a song that only brings joy. And because of it’s high energy and lightheartedness I could also see it being a radio friendly song that just about anyone could get into so there’s that too.


Furthermore I can’t be the only one to find it has also got one of those super catchy hooks that you wanna repeat over and over. or ” On N On N Onnn🎵🎶”😂 Yeah it may be on the generic side when you think about it but dang if their isn’t something magical about the delivery. It’s so “friendly and welcoming” isn’t it? In fact I like that,”friendly and welcoming,” those might be the perfect words to describe the MV as a whole and why I like it. Cuz everything down to the aesthetic is made to feel like that. From the sweets smiles to the use of warm colors like yellow, light blue, and pink, it’s all so inviting.

So in summation, if you wanna have a good time or are in need of a good mood lifter, I recommend this to you. For those reasons I rate it an 8/10.

Now let me know your thoughts and if this had gone under your radar? See you next time.



2 thoughts on “MiSO- On N On Review

  1. This was definitely one of the standout February K-pop releases for me! And yet another reason I’m glad I’m trying to listen to as many new songs as I can, not just my favorites, since otherwise I’d be missing out on songs like this.

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    • That’s a great mindset to have. I always see other people focusing on huge names which is why I like to try to focus more on the lesser know artists. Cuz yeah there is just so much out there to be discovered.

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