Quick, Go Vote for SUNMI’s Official Fan Club Name

What an opportunity!

You have until March 10th @12pm (I imagine that’s Korean Time) to be a part of getting to pick Sunmi‘s Fan club name

and these are your options:

  • 썬릿(Sunlit)
  • 비올라(Viola)
  • 미야오(miya-Oh)
  • 밀리(Milly)
  • 미야네(miya-ne)

**Don’t worry about the meanings, the actual page explains them in detail**

Not that I wanna sway y’all’s opinions but I personally think Sunlit is most bomb. 👍

Voting is easy just click on the tweet(click on the google docs link). Once you do that all you’ll have to do is sign in to your google account(gmail) and choose the name you like best. That’s literally it. It’s just a simple poll. From what I gathered they say that they will take the 3 most voted names and consult with Sunmi to choose one of them. 🙂

So yeah go ahead and do that. and if you do, feel free to let me know what name you pick. See yah.

In the meantime here is that song I was super obsessed with for the longest.


2 thoughts on “Quick, Go Vote for SUNMI’s Official Fan Club Name

  1. I missed it – too busy with travels lately and overall k-pop is hard to stay up to date with. 🙂 I’m seeing her live this Saturday. She’s currently my favorite solo artist so I’m looking forward to it.

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