30 Day Kpop Challenge… But in 1 Day

**Wow. Been about a minute since I did this. Is it time I do something like this again? hmmm 🤔

Anyone got any good tag or challenge recommendations? or should I just make my own…**


I learned something important about myself today. My lack of self control and patience knows no bounds. I mean I kinda had an inkling beforehand due to things like my binge watching addiction and whatnot. But today’s actions take the cake. You see I had planed to start one of those popular 30 Day Kpop Challenges floating about, the sort that’s popular among bloggers these days. Unfortunately I ran into a small problem. I couldn’t keep myself from doing ALL the daily challenges at once. O_O Woah.

A smarter person may have used this to their advantage and once finished, scheduled them waaay ahead in advance. To keep the content chugging a long for the foreseeable future. But me what do I do? Instead, here I am with the bright idea of putting all of my answers into a singular post and effectively turning the challenge I found into a MONSTAR TAG instead. Oh what a bad boy rebel I am huh. 😎Not really. lol 😛 But yeah small warning, this is gonna be a loooooooooooooong post. I did try to go back and edit it down a bit as well as to  make it more interesting and informative as to not let it be complete a waste of time. 😅

However like with my other long posts of the past I won’t hold it against you if you do wanna skip out on it. 🙂

Without further ado.

30 Day K-pop Challenge

Day 1: Your favorite k-pop boy group
Day 2: Your favorite k-pop girl group
Day 3: who’s your ultimate k-pop guy bias
Day 4: Who’s your ultimate k-pop girl bias
Day 5: A favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group
Day 6: A favorite k-pop song from your favorite girl group
Day 7: K-pop song that makes you cry
Day 8: K-pop song you know all the words to
Day 9: Favorite k-pop performance
Day 10: K-pop dance you’d like to learn
Day 11: Favorite k-pop music video
Day 12: The very first k-pop song you ever heard
Day 13: A k-pop group you dislike and why
Day 14: A k-pop song that makes you smile
Day 15: A k-pop song that reminds you of someone you miss
Day 16: Faavorite k-pop lyric (and a translation)
Day 17: A k-pop idol you wish was your older sibling
Day 18: A k-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling
Day 19: Favorite interview of a k-pop idol or group
Day 20: Favorite picture of your guy k-pop bias
Day 21: Favorite picture of your girl k-pop bias
Day 22: Favorite picture of your favorite k-pop group
Day 23: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is underrated
Day 24: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is overrated
Day 25: Favorite k-pop music video
Day 26: Favorite cover of a k-pop song by another k-pop artist
Day 27: Favorite dance battle
Day 28: Favorite cover of an American song done by a k-pop artist
Day 29: A k-pop song you never get tired of
Day 30: A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles

Credit: unknown(creator could not be tracked down)

Day 1: Your favorite k-pop guy group

Ok, so it seems to be starting easy enough. I think it won’t be a surprise to anybody that my favorite guy group at the moment is none other than BgA. Yes that’s right I’m a member of the fandom formerly known as the BgA Army, now affectionately referred to as “Kpoopers.” The group has 5 members and Daeyang is my ultimate bias. He’s clearly the best vocalist of the bunch yet everyone seems to over look him….wait wha, none of this sounds right. Ok jk jk hopefully you realize I’m messing with you guys. BgA is actually a parody group started by a bunch of YouTubers. Although ironically they’re becoming a thing.


My actual number 1 guy group is BTS like duh! After this blog turned into a “BTS only” blog for the month of November it should be fairly obvious. lol Although I’d say coming in a close second is EXO and then coming in third is Monsta X. Notice any similarities between them? Yup, THEY ARE ALL HIP-HOP FOCUSED GROUPS with a focus on hard choreography. Exactly how I like ’em. ^___^

The reason BTS stands streets ahead of everybody else tho is because they started without a big company behind them and had to literally work their way from the bottom up. Sure others do the same but at least many of them have a huge marketing team to support them at least. This group didn’t get that and had to rely solely on work ethic. For sure one of their biggest qualities, one to be admired and is inspirational to many around the globe not only their fellow artists.

They’re on record mentioning that they practice 12+ hours a day. 😮 That doesn’t even include the time they devote to other work related activities. They also write, produce, and are socially conscientious with their music. Every time I’m being lackadaisical I’m reminded of how much effort they put into their craft and it motivates me to do more. 🙂 In addition many of their songs have given me comfort over the years by cheering me up with their hypeness and reminding me to be a good human being in various ways that may be easy to overlook at times.


Day 2: Your favorite k-pop girl group

I mentioned them not too long ago. Just two posts ago in fact. My fave girl group is Blackpink. This is one of those rare groups that debuted STRONG straight out of the gate. They’ve only been around for less than two years, have only 5 songs available, and yet they’re already Queens of Kpop. Two of their songs have 200million+ views, two others have 170million+views, and they also have one inching closer to 100million+ views on YouTube. Those are some far out stats for what I think you could still technically consider a rookie group…

Also, they have not reached anywhere near their full potential in my opinion. We are always out here talking about what other groups can make it big world wide like BTS has been doing lately, and I’m always reminding people that hello Blackpink is right here. They got that special swagger and attitude that I think would easily translate over internationally. Because here in America for example, I feel the mainstream thing at the moment is ladies that project confidence and like I already said, attitude too, which this group has in spades.

Plus they have members that speak fluently in English already too! How much more needs to be spelled out for YG to recognize the level of talent they have. I swear they got me pulling my hair out all the time with their dumb decisions. There’s no reason why I should still be waiting for a full album to drop. We should be passed that point if you ask me. Oh and one more thing, I hear they wanna release another girl group too? Tell me it ain’t so please.

Anyways I’ll save any rants for another time. Plus at least I have BLACKPINK HOUSE to look forward to soon. A reality TV show that is bound to deliver on the quirky hijinks of the members.

Moving on


Day 3: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias

This title has gotz to go to Taeyang from Big Bang hands down. Basically he’s my favorite member of the group and in terms of solo content I listen to his stuff the most regularly. I might even listen to it more than his group stuff which may be surprising to a lot of you. Or maybe not because he’s got some major legendary tracks under his belt. Wedding Dress come to mind to anyone? I swear everybody was doing a cover or a parody of some kind to it back in the day.

#FunFact: Taeyang is gonna be getting married for realz and quite soon too if you didn’t know. It’s gonna be to Min Hyo Rin. You may remember their relationship getting made public on May of 2015, well now they plan to wed in February of 2018! They wanna get it happening before Taeyang has to do his enlistment into the military. Looks like well wishes are in order for the happy couple.

May everything work out for you and you have a long lasting marriage. ^______^



Back to the topic of Wedding Dress, I recently went back to check it out and it’s still as heart wrenching and impactfull as the first time I saw it. A true “friend zone anthem” as many of the people in the comments section have put it. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You have other hits like I Need a Girl and Eyes, Nose, Lips…..Pretty much this dude is one smooth fXXker. He’s got the hip-hop style down to a tee but more so the R&B genre I think.

His best work to date in my opinion however comes in the form of Ringa Linga. Specifically the dance version of the song. That one is better because I think the choreography is best and I love that it shines a spotlight on his choreographers and back up dancers. I kinda, nah, I actually do like it more than the actual MV for sure. I would share the video but I already have plenty of times. 😛


Day 4: Your ultimate k-pop girl bias

Hyuna, need I say more? Been following the girl for almost 9 years. 😮 I feel like I praise her any chance I get because I legit love her stage presence and I love her unique voice so much. Specially how fierce she can get when rapping. Whenever I see her live performances it’s like she’s glowing on stage and having the time of her life. The way she can go out there and own the stage like it’s no biggie is a trait many idols would sell their souls to have.

Her choreography may not be the toughest compared to all the idols out there but she sure makes the individual moves pop(Bubble Pop anyone) and feel dynamic. Also gotta love the different looks she can give. She can look cute one second and then look like she’s about to mess you up the next. 😅 And let’s not forget how she doesn’t let her haters get to her either.

For the longest time people have said she’s desperate for attention and uses her sex appeal because it’s the only way she could attract fans. But then whats funny is that at the end of the day her fanbase is mostly women, not as many men as the haters seem to believe. So… Now I will say she CAN get really racy with her concepts but why does that have to be seen as a bad thing? She is an adult after all isn’t she?

If it’s a case where you’re worried about the children, I got a pretty good idea, maybe try parenting them. Let me tell you that can work wonders. Until the day she herself chooses to stop she has my continued support.



Day 5: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group

Ouch! This question hurts me real bad. To only be able to pick one BTS song. Like do I pick something where I prefer the track itself, or one where I like the MV overall, or maybe one where the choreo is the standout? Who knows man. Hmmmmm. I think I may have to go with Baepsae if only because I think it’s the one I’ve listened to the most over the years. It’s also the song I’m the saltiest about not ever having gotten an MV. Maybe one day I’ll be surprised and it gets the Spine Breaker treatment?

In the meantime there’s at least the BANGTAN BOMB with the dance version available. I must have contributed to at least 90% of its views. 😛 It’s a great song because it’s basically about pushing forward and climbing up the social ladder. Despite whatever negative comments some of the people already at the top might say or do to try and keep you down. Or despite the unfairness of others being able to move up simply because they lucked out by having everything since birth.



Yes not the typical Kpop BOP that’s all the rage these days, but then again BTS isn’t your typical Kpop group now are they. 🙂 Pretty cool how they can be popular while bringing up meaningful topics.


Day 6: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite girl group

Well the sad thing is that this is so easy by default since they only got the 5 official tracks out there to choose from….

Out of them I would say their best is actually their least viewed.  It’s a song called STAY. It may not necessarily be my favorite but i do think it’s the best. The reason I think it’s not as popular in the views department however, is because it stands out for not being as “turnt Up”as the rest. If anything it sounds more like an indie track than anything else. Which is mostly why I like it to be honest.

It showcases a different side to the group and let’s you know they have more range than their previous songs may have lead you on to believe. It’s more subdued but still manages to have some nice imagery thrown in there. And I think the guitar riff it has throughout offers a different change of pace to most EDM focused tracks dominating the scene at the moment. I also think its slower tempo gives Rosé a better chance to shine as a vocalist.



Day 7: A k-pop song that makes you cry

Aw man.

I instantly thought of one and I don’t even wanna share it because it’s too real and just looking it up is gonna make me feel sad and start crying right now. The MV is called I’m Fine Thank You. It’s a memorial MV that was released in 2014 dedicated to two members of a girl group called Ladies Code, who tragically passed away after being in a vehicle crash. Their names where Go Eun-bi(EunB) and Kwon Ri-sae(Rise). I don’t wanna say more because going into the specifics on this type of post seems disrespectful in my opinion.


If you watched it I recommend you take some time to collect your thoughts.








Day 8: A k-pop song you know all the words to

I’m ashamed to admit this but I don’t know the words to any Kpop songs. Then again I don’t generally try to remember lyrics in the first place. At most I may pick up on one or two catchy phrases. That’s it really.


Day 9: Your favorite k-pop performance

This is easy to answer because it’s fresh on my mind. It took place at this years MAMA awards. Of course I’m talkin’ about the Cypher Part 4Mic Drop Remix performance they did. It was spectacular if you ask me. They may have cut down on the Cypher part at the beginning but then they made up for it by giving us a kickass  extension to the MIC Drop Remix which I think makes everything ok.

The extension was made up of a couple super cool looking dance breaks. The only unfortunate thing is that the camera work at the show wasn’t the best. It wasn’t terrible either but it missed on some nice little details because they kept focusing on the audience and scope of the stage instead. The biggest tragedy being that they missed the actual mic drop part of the song that Suga does at the end. That just seems blasphemous because at this point how could you not expect that moment to happen. Lol

Which is why I would recommend y’all check out a fan cam or two. I stumbled on a couple myself that I thought blew the TV production straight out of the water. The true most surprising thing tho is how in the world do they keep continuing to expand on Mic Drop like they have. A song that was originally a b-track not a title song. And every time they do it gets better and better like what the heck. I can’t wait to see the new heights they take it in future performances.



By the way I also enjoyed the video package at the start prior to the performance. 🙂 It was a nice added to touch. You could also stay to watch the intro+Not Today and the DNA stages they did on the same show.


Day 10: A k-pop dance you’d like to learn



Ok to be frank I’ve already been learning it but it hasn’t gone nearly as well as I had hoped. 😛 lol

My main goal originally was merely to have a fun time diversifying my workouts so whether I got good or not was irrelevant. That being said my competitive nature eventually kicked in. Now I’m trying my best to look cool while dancing too. The problem, is my coordination skillz are complete garbage. Sad but 100% true. Meaning I still look like I wet noodle after all this time and by “all this time” I mean 6 months of trying.

It’s hard when you don’t have a teacher and try to learn through YouTube tutorials alone. At least for me it is. 😭 The good news however is that even if it has been painstakingly  slow I HAVE made progress. I currently know the moves, all that’s left is the getting good at the execution part… I’m fully expecting it to take forever but will keep at it. Wish me luck.


Day 11: Your favorite k-pop music video

Oh Sh*T! 😮 I knew these would get harder eventually. I truly don’t know if I can pick only one. There are literally hundreds of MVs  to choose from in my main YouTube playlist alone. I’m trying to think which video have I clicked on the most over the years. I think it’s probably Trouble Maker.

It’s a groovy yet sexy song released by Hyuna and  BEAST‘s Hyunseung under their Co-Ed unit by the same name that released around the tail end of 2011. Close around the time they were at their peeks creatively, although that’s just an opinion. It’s one of those jams I think will pass the test of time because it’s really catchy. That and the chemistry is strong between the two.

I specifically like the whistling part at the beginning. If you like the whistling at the start of DNA, I think you will get an even bigger kick from the part in Trouble Maker.

#AnotherFunFact: It was the first song I learned to play on my Violin. I haven’t gotten it to be great yet but it’s the first i want to. Don’t think you can get anything from that but I’m proud of myself so I had to humble brag. 😛 lol



Day 12: The very first k-pop song you’ve ever heard

The very first one I heard was a Girl’s Generation one. It was GEE. I watched the MV because it was one of those videos that was going viral before I really knew what the term was. I was intrigued because I wasn’t use to anything quite like it. There were a lot of girls, they were being cute, and boy were the colors vibrant. The only thing was that, even back then bubblegum pop wasn’t something that interested me.

What kept me in it tho was that Sunny caught my eye and so I decided to keep an open mind going forward. Eventually over time I got to know more about them and then not too long after I discovered songs like Run Devil Run and Genie. Songs which were more to my preferences. After those I was finally sold on the group and have followed them since.

So much so that I recently wrote about the sudden exit of Seohyun, Sooyoung, and Tiffany from the group.


Day 13: A k-pop group you dislike and why

Hmm I think I’ll stay clear from this one. Have no need to stir up any unnecessary drama. Hope you understand.


Day 14: A k-pop song that makes you smile

There are plenty of songs that have that effect on me. It’s why I’ve stuck with Kpop for as long as I have. Although thinking about it there is one that fills me up with so much joy no matter what. And interestingly enough it’s not even a very well known one. However it never fails to raise up my spirits.

I’m talking about a song called It’s summer. A track that lives up to it’s name because listening to it warms me up no problem. I think I’ve recommended it early on when I was still figuring out what to do with my blog. In one of my early posts I called “Interesting K-pop Mix Part 3.”

If I remember correctly I stated, if sunshine could be trapped and turned into a song, this would be it. On account of how pleasant it sounds.



Day 15: A k-pop song that reminds you of someone you miss

I skipped this one thinking I would come back with a good answer but I’m drawing a blank still. I can’t think of any kpop songs that remind me of somebody I miss.


Day 16: Your favorite k-pop lyric (and a translation)

Can I cheat and put this whole video on here? With all this talk within the Kpop Community over the latest tragedy due to mental illness, depression to be more specific,  it feels like the right time to share this. It’s Suga’s A.K.A. AGUST D’s track based on his own struggles with it. It’s a very raw and emotional song where he lays it all out there for the people. Giving you and I an insight into the kinds of thoughts that plagued his mind at one point in time.

For example, addressing his social phobia, his self hatred, how he questioned if he was a sellout, and more. It’s tackles these subjects that come with much stigma in Korea head on, brutally and honestly. In a way many would be too scared to even try. The song is one of 10 from his mixtape released a little over a year ago.

May his music continue to help bring awareness and inspiration to those who need it.


Day 17: A k-pop idol you wish was your older sibling

Kinda a random question. Oh who am I kidding it IS a random question. haha IDK I guess Taeyang from Big Bang because I respect him so much.


Day 18: A k-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling

A second random question in a row. lol  Again I don’t know, maybe Lisa from Blackpink. That way I could bug her to sing me Disney songs all day long. Haha Seriously she’s good at it. I was surprised the first time I heard how spot on her “Do you Wanna Build a Snowman” was. She needs to consider going into voice acting as a side gig. I’m sure she’d be able to score some major parts no problem.

Better yet would be if she can land the role of a Disney princess because she herself is already like a live action Disney Princess in my eyes. 😀


Day 19: Your favorite interview of a k-pop idol or group

Yup I gotta use this opportunity to give another shout out again to Zack from Zack Sang Show. Why? Because in this latest run of American interviews that BTS had, all the questions for lack of a better word were dumb. Time and time again they were asked the same ol’ meaningless questions about celeb crushes, what their fave places to eat in America are, and who they wanna collab with in the future. Which woulda been ok and all had they gotten some variety every once and awhile but they rarely did. It was starting to get frustrating to be real with y’all.

That is until Zach came into the picture. He was a shining bright spot. The guy engaged with ARMYs first, did research, and came prepared. And while even though he didn’t have much time with the group he managed to cover a lot of ground. Even more than what they did with Ellen on her show sadly. He mentioned their socially conscientious lyrics AND their work with UNICEF. And most surprising he brought up lyrics from their song N.O. when complimenting them. One of their more underrated songs in my opinion.

You could see the utter joy and delight on BTS’s faces to finally be treated as intelligent human beings. Even getting Suga to engage. And when you do that you know you’ve done something right cuz he’s not good at pretending to care when he doesn’t. 😆 Next time they come here I hope they can have a longer sit down together. Maybe in a “in studio” interview. That would be dope!


Day 20: Your favorite picture of your guy k-pop bias

I don’t think this is what this question had in mind but I don’t care. The look on RM‘s face is priceless….



Day 21: Your favorite picture of your girl k-pop bias

Any picture of Hyuna will do. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad one of her.



Day 22: Your favorite picture of your favorite k-pop group



Day 23: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is underrated

MiSO is Amazing! If you like girls with attitude, who can sing, and rap she is your girl!


Day 24: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is overrated

Again I’ll opt to skip because I really really don’t like starting unnecessary drama.


Day 25: Your favorite k-pop music video

Oops! This was covered on Day 11 already. Skip.


Day 26: Your favorite cover of a k-pop song by another k-pop artist


Oh snaps, what are the chances? I recently devoted an entire post to this. But in case you don’t wanna click on the link, basically Blackpink recently covered Wonder Girls‘s So Hot and I was deeply impressedI was impressed because they did a full on remix that had it’s own feel and didn’t just go through the motions and re-do the original. For one I loved the way they incorporated their famous, “Blackpink in your area” line. Also the newer updated beat was something worthy of being played at a club all night long. The shizz was dirty in a good kind of way course.

Then you had the members stamping their swagger all over it. But more importantly what made it something special for me was the fact that Wonder Girls is one of my OG faves meanwhile Blackpink is my current fave. It was like the best of both worlds coming together all in one awesome night. It’s been 5 days since but I have yet to recuperate. I’m still listening to in on repeat.


Day 27: Your favorite dance battle

Not long ago I was asking for them to bring back Star Dance Battle. A show that focused specifically on that. Man wouldn’t it be so much fun with today’s batch of idols. I feel like clips from the show would easily go viral in today’s era. It’s why I don’t understand why they refuse to bring it back. They’ve tried similar concepts but it’s usually with rookie groups only. Maybe the big companies just don’t care to let their main groups participate in such things anymore?

Anywho, you can still have cool dance battles without that show. They may not happen as regularly but they can still do go down. Like my favorite one that happened was on a show called Strong Heart. It had the closest battle I’ve seen in terms of who won. Sadly the show isn’t around anymore as it came to a close early 2013. However the clip will forever live on in the internet.

Nothing will ever beat the intense throw down that went on between Jo Kwon and Park In Yeong. It was the first time Jo Kwon ever met a true rival who could keep up with his shenanigans. And who woulda thunk it, it would be Leeteuk‘s sister of all people who would rise to the occasion. Oh yah, you heard me correctly. Yes Leeteuk as in Member and Leader of Super Junior, Leeteuk. lol

What makes this an amazing dance battle is all of the intricate moves involved and the amazement and wonder of the audience and other fellow guests. You could truly see the love Leeteuk has for his sister in this clip. 🙂


Day 28: Your favorite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist

I gotta bring Blackpink up one more time because I loved their cover of Miguel‘s Sure Thing. I may even go as far to say that I liked their rendition better than the original. And don’t get me wrong because it’s not meant to throw shade his way. I’m just taken in by the harmonization between the members. And how all the girls have such different vocal styles yet all have equal amounts of soul in their voices.


Day 29: A k-pop song you never get tired of

I swear I could listen to Mic Drop Remix over and over again. Although to be fair there are quite a few versions available out there for a person to enjoy. The original B-track, the American Steve Aoki one, the American w/ Desiigner, the two Japanese ones, the MAMA extended Version, and the various Live performances. Like i previously mentioned BTS keeps surprising fans with all sorts of alterations to the tracks. Which thinking about it, makes it kinda like I’m cheating by picking it. haha

Then there is also the various Mashups I’ve been listening to lately. If you’ve checked out my “I Want Hyuna to Join EXID” post you could have seen a couple of them that I shared down in the comments below. But in case you don’t wanna head over there right now. Here they are again. The first is a mash up with Ariana Grande called “Side Drop.” And the other one is a mash up with Taylor Swift that uses Desiigner’s part and clips from his other Music videos too.

I think of the two, the first one has the better editing without a doubt. Like I’m serious when I say I’m shocked how well everything transitions as smoothly as it does between MVs. And the second one while not as smooth has a better sounding track in my opinion. It makes Desiigner’s part fit more I think than in the original.

Let me know what you think down below.


Day 30: A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles

If Jimin‘s picture isn’t next to the definition of what an eye smile is, there is something seriously wrong with this world…



And that brings this post to a close. Feel free to interject your thoughts and voice any questions, comments, or criticisms you may have. Will see you again soon. 🙂 Until then. Bye Bye! Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

28 thoughts on “30 Day Kpop Challenge… But in 1 Day

  1. Gahhhh I love Wedding Dress!
    OK sorry but I seriously love Taeyang’s solo stuff.
    Also I tend to not like girl groups but I must say Blackpink is cool. Your answers were great! I definitely want to do this challenge now.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you for reading. 🙂 I tried to make this shorter but I still ended up rambling at points. XD

      And yeah Taeyang is great and so is “Wedding Dress.” I always wondered if he would make a remixed version with a different ending if he got married. Lol Or something similar but more positive. I think it would be the coolest thing. 😀


    • Oh and btw if you do decide to do the challnge. Dont force yourself to do it all at once. As for who crated the list, I couldnt find the creator so I’m not sure who to credit on that. O.O”


  2. Thank you for reading. 🙂 I tried to make this shorter but I still ended up rambling at points. XD

    And yeah Taeyang is great and so is “Wedding Dress.” I always wondered if he would make a remixed version with a different ending if he got married. Lol Or something similar but more positive. I think it would be the coolest thing. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, this is a post I’m going to keep very close when I want to try my hand at trying out some K-pop. And wow, 30 challenges in one day: that sure is commitment 😀
    Ugh…where are my manners: Happy New Year 😀😀


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    • I like that interview too but it felt more like an RM interview to me. Although we did get that awesome V moment. I’ve seem some of Astro’s MVs before but don’t know much about the members. Promise to look him up. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Fellow BgA Army here! lol This was a fun post 🙂 I especially enjoyed all of the BTS love! I too could listen to Mic Drop on repeat and their performances of it are just amazing. Love the Billboard Pic and especially love the best eye smiles pic of Jimin at the end. It’s just gotta be him 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Long time lurker, but I do enjoy your blog posts, and I’ve been slowly looking more at your Kpop posts lately instead of just the kdrama reviews. If you’ve noticed, I’ve lately put both feet in firmly back into Kdramaland, and I do, eventually, want to slowly get back into Kpop. My journey with Asian Pop Music, aside from the music in my own home country, actually began with Jpop, then later transferred to Kpop in which I loved Big Bang, 2NE1, Epik High, Davichi, CSJH the Grace, and saw the beginnings of Super Junior and Girl’s Generation, although I wasn’t so much big fans of them, I just thought their songs were catchy. Yes, I’m old school Kpop, I think.
    Anyway, based on what I mentioned, I would love your recommendations on how to get back into things –
    groups or artists I should look into, (maybe I’ll even blog about it someday), based on what I mentioned, and I am fond of groups that are good performers, are good singers or dancers in real life, and sometimes, I don’t mind as long as they work hard and their lives aren’t THAT terrible. Also, out of curiosity, because Lee Junho has become a little bit of a favorite of mine alongside Jung Hae In for 2017 dramas, how is he as a singer/performer, and was/is 2PM any good? SORRY FOR THE NOVEL LENGTH COMMENT. 😀


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