Sunmi- Noir Review

0_0…DAMN..Noir? More like DARK.


You see this right here is why I’m in love with Sunmi. Cuz apparently she don’t give a flying fuuudge. She’ll just find a topic that hits close to home and zero in on that shizz 100%. Never fearing if things will need to get gritty a long the way or not.(And boy was this a case where things got gritty..) 

You thought the negative sides of social media were bad? Like the need for attention no matter what? Well it looks like Sunmi agrees and has had enough as well!

Here is her recently released MV Noir:

**Beware though. It might start a little comical and transition into quirkiness, but it ends psychotic.**

Geez…I’m trying to remember when the heck was the last time I’ve seen someone tackle social media in such an impactful manner.  Obvs it must have happened,  but to show the negatives in such striking and in your face ways?  Some of the imagery in this latest vid was outright disturbing, even if not overly gory. If someone had done something like this I must be drawing a blank, cuz I can’t think of anyone.

It’s been awhile since I’ve watched a kpop MV and came out feeling such an emptiness in the pit of my stomach.  Sunmi really drove right passed melancholy and went all the way straight to depress-ville with this one(which is kind of an odd thing to say since it has an 80s underlining  groovyness to it). It’s moments like this that I’m happy she’s with the label she is with now cuz its apparent that they let her experiment with her music and do her own thing.

Like how many years has she been in the bizz for? It’s remarkable how much of her work maintains an indie quality to it. From the imagery to the lyrics and really to everything thing else too, what she’s been able to pull of here is nothing short of exquisite, and will no doubt hit close to home with so many people. Cuz this is some real sh*t she’s talking about. She clearly understands online culture. From the fake smiles to putting yourself in danger for some attention. etc., she covers much in the span of 4 minutes.


That’s probs why this is so effective and has got so many peeps talking.  Cuz so many of the examples in the video reflecting this social media addiction are unbelievably real scenarios we’ve seen play out countless times. Like whether it’s us,  someone we follow, or know,  or just see it in the media, we all have been affected in some way. I mean who doesn’t know a person who’s done some crazy dangerous thing because they thought they would get a couple extra likes online.

This video is relatable AF because it points to a desire for attention most of us have.  Which is why I’m glad some like her is using her star power to bring awareness and shine a light onto this. and not just that but also showing other artists that you don’t need a grandiose budget or some elaborate sets to make a good MV.  Just having a core message you believe in is enough to get people talking and sharing your music. I don’t often give 9s but this deserves it. It’s a 9/10.

Feel free to share your thoughts down below. Did you like Noir?


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