Anda Finally Pops Off

Anda is that really you?

Holy Cr*p it is!!!!… and apparently she’s ready “to give all her love to us.” 😇

After a long wait Anda has made her triumphant return to show off some class, a little attitude, and show she’s still got moves.

Dudes this is a long time in the making. I  was convinced I would never see this girl again. I remember sharing some of her songs way back when. Right around when I first started this blog of mine almost 2 years ago. Unfortunately somewhere along the way she had a few setbacks(musically wise) that left her jumping through a couple labels, until she kind dropped of the face of the planet…

Last time I had heard from her she was gonna be joining YGX. A YG subsidiary. I remember becoming hyped cuz it was like, “Oh ok so this could be her big break finally.” However it was short thereafter that it went back to silence. I was disappointed but you did at least get to see a glimpse of her in Seungri‘s 1,2,3! video. She was the girl he danced with in that.  Sadly that was almost like a glorified cameo though so again I thought, “crap she must have already fallen into the YG dungeon or something. “…

But then all of a sudden…Look-y here, I’m greeted by this today!!! Whaaaa!?

*Career rebooted**

anda 2

Just as I had given up what happens, she teams up with R.Tee from The Black Label, another one of YG‘s subsidiaries. And yup now all of a sudden we have this monster collab on our hands. This semi-clubby like hit. I can’t tell you how unbelievably happy I am by this turn of events. To finally be able to hear new music since bops like Touch and Taxi, again I questioned whether it would ever happen.

Best of all it’s a comeback for her with some actual money and steam behind it. Not that money is everything but dang if this girl hasn’t earned something more on this level by now. She’s literally been an active idol for over 5-6 years already! Hard to believe it’s been that long but yeah the grind has been real. And sure she HAS had some MVs with moderate budgets before, but towards the end there a year or so ago it was all going downhill..We could’ve only prayed for her to rise back up. I guess you can say she is proof that as long as you don’t quit there’s always a chance.

And what a chance this has turned out to be. I was just checking her MV a couple hours ago and this latest release has already amassed over 1 million views. It’s kind of weird but even though she is a veteran I feel like it’s debut night all over again, but like she finally got the debut she deserved..Now she ain’t pulling the greatest numbers I’ll admit when compared to all the huge artists out there, but for her,  I have never seen her pull numbers like this so quickly. I’m glad that people seem to be enjoying her and her music. 


Then again maybe it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. I always did think she had a free spirit and rebellious attitude that would be a nice fit for a company like YG. And to mix that in with her more mature, less poppy vocals, and the awesome beats created by The Black Label? It was pretty much a recipe for success. For those of you who can appreciate a chill banger, this is for you. Hopefully they can capitalize on this going forward.

So if you haven’t checked it yet please do. It might surprise you. 🙂

Had you ever heard of Anda before? What did you think of this song?


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