Tanaka Alice- Waiting For U Review

One Question: Ever wonder what it would be like to hear a Disney Princess Rap?

What a hella random question isn’t it? Hmmm… let me take a few steps back and clarify.πŸ˜‚


You see the other day I found this artist called Tanaka Alice. And I’ll be damned if she didn’t sound EXACTLY like a Japanese Disney Princess to me. You know that classic Disney type of voice, I swear she has it.Β 

Now what do i mean by that? I think it’s kind of something self-explanatory. When you hear someone say “Disney Voice” isn’t there just something that instinctively comes to mind?Β  There is right? Well think THAT, but if you really can’t, well let’s see. I suppose the best way I would try to describe it would be as an innocent, pleasant on the ears type of voice. (Like think something crisp, clean, and fully fleshed out.)

Is that giving you any better of an idea?

tanakaWell anyways it wasn’t just this voice that made me wanna write about her but specifically the way it meshed with her concept. NowΒ with that I don’t know exactly word for word what direction it was, but let me tell you how I perceived it. Think that overly positive type of pop, the kind that is borderline cheesy, mixed with a Disney Channel musical number. A huh you heard me right. THAT’S the overall kind of vibe I got.

Doesn’t it sound like an interesting mix cuz for me it was very attention grabbing. I think just by those descriptions alone you should be able to recognize why I would wanna share it. Cuz it’s majorly different from all the other stuff I’ve been sharing and reviewing on here lately. These days it’s been all about edge and aggression and I just think it would be nice to showcase something that is more, dang I won’t wanna say this because it’s such an overused word, wholesome.Β 

Although to contradict that a bit andΒ  bring us back to the first point. Remember the whole “Disney Princess rapping” thing? As it turns out maybe it’s not so different because it does still have some rapping in it. Yup despite it feeling like something of the Disney Channel it still takes some time to go ham with some dope bars if you can believe it. Though they are more delightful than anything. So some delightful rap? haha

Thus where my earlier question was born. πŸ˜›

As for the song itself it’s kind of your standard Teeny Bopper stuff. “Girl wants the boy she’s been liking to finally confess to her” sort of thing. Cuz from her words, too much time is passing, other boys are paying attention to her, and even though she likes him she can’t be waiting forever. Meaning that for you peeps it might not be what is usually right up your alley. I know many of you are already in your college years and up after all.

Regardless, I will stand by the fact all you who do decide to check it out will have at least a positive experience. The song is too “pure’ sounding and fun to rag on. I mean you aren’t a monster are you. lol

It’s a solid 7.5/10 song. Who knows maybe you’ll only hear it once but you won’t regret it. As always feel free to share your thoughts and opinions down below.

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