Asian Dramas/Specials

This is an archive of my reviews, first Impressions, and recommendations of various Asian Dramas/Movies. Click on the links to get my thoughts.

Drama Roulette: Prince of Wolf ep. 1 Review

A Taiwanese drama about a guy who was raised by Wolves…say what!? O_O


Goblin First Impressions

A goblin looking for his bride. A quirky rom-com right? Wrong.


Let’s Fight Ghost- First Impression

What happens when a young guy who is an exorcist comes across a headstrong female ghost?


The Beauty Inside

The guy wakes up as a different person every time. To make things more complicated he has fallen in love too.Talk about attention grabbing. lol


Twenty Again

A coming of age drama… where the main character is 38. haha


Watch Back to 1989

A guy goes back in time and falls for his mother’s best friend!


What is the Ghost Up To?

Poor dude was psychologically hurt by his ex-girlfriend and now she is back. Oh and she is back as a ghost by the way.




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