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Drama Roulette: Prince of Wolf ep. 1 Review

Hey Everybody 😀 Hope you are having a fantastic day today!I got a new post for y’all. Gonna be doing some drama talk. More specifically, some Taiwanese drama talk. Was in the mood to watch something new. Did a quick rundown of my list, yes I have a list :P, of dramas I was interested… Continue reading Drama Roulette: Prince of Wolf ep. 1 Review

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My Weight loss/Fitness update

Hey there. ^_^ It has now been 1 week since I made my first official post about my weight loss/fitness. Yup it’s been 1 whole week already, crazy huh? That means it’s a fantastic time for an update. 🙂 As of today, I now weigh 178lbs. That is 4lbs down from last week! My current… Continue reading My Weight loss/Fitness update