SEVENTEEN but In Manga Form

Wait have any of you heard about this? It’s SEVENTEEN… but now available in manga form. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Like say whaaaaa.

Can y’all say mind blown cuz that’s what just happened here.

I myself happen to be more of a casual listener so this totally caught me surprise. Specially seeing as I happen to be a manga fan too. Wasn’t expecting to see two fandoms I’m apart of crossing over today. How cool.

What’s extra funny about this tho is that it wasn’t that long ago that I listened toย Run To Youย and thought, “you know what these guys would be perfect for an anime opening.”ย  I said it in one of my recent posts actually. And now all of a sudden here they are getting a special manga release like less than half a year later in Ribon Magazine. Funny how things work out huh. But it begs the question, are they just low-key working their way up to something like that? hmmm ๐Ÿค” O_o Lol

Anywho anime openings aren’t what we are here for today. The REAL question is what can we expect from this manga? Well I looked into it and got some answers. For those of us who were in the dark about this project, it seems this is all centered around a special interview with the boys. You see not that long ago they sat down with Ribbon magazineย and answered some questions, and now it looks like said answers will be post converted into a multi part manga!… kind of a weird way to do it but hey if it works it works and that’s all that matters right..

Out of the norm or not, it looks like this short run will be covering something fans and maybe non fans alike will find interesting. From tweets and news outlets reporting, the manga looks to focus on the groups journey in Japan. From their debut up to their most recent concert. I’m expecting some behind the scenes kind of stuff. And as someone who hasn’t followed their journey into Japan all that much, this could actually be a fun way to catch up. Also for them this should be a cool way to attract some new Japanese fans.

For those interested the manga will be available from August to November 2018. It is expected to release monthly on the 3rd of every month and will be 32 pages long. Let me know if you decide to check it out. Personally I think the art style alone is looking like enough reason to give it a try. Whoever did it really payed close attention to detail and in giving each of the members distinct features.

**Oh and if you worry about it being in Japanese, just give it a minute. I’m sure translations will be up fairly quick. You know how on top of things Kpop fans tend to be. ๐Ÿ˜€ **

P.S. here is that song I was talking about earlier.

Run To You

You got to admit it has got that quintessential anime type sound to it. A nice rockin’ bop it definitely is!

See ya next time.

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