TXT lands a Billboard 200 entry

txtMonster Rookies without a doubt *woof* prrrr! prrr!^ prrr^^! 🐱🐶

With only about 4 days worth of tracking TXT apparently has managed to achieve an incredible feat. The boys have already managed to land themselves a spot on the legendary Billboard 200 chart. Yes ladies and gentlemen a rookie group has done exactly THAT.

The boys have managed to came in at #140 with their debut EP The Dream Chapter: Star.

According to Nielsen Music the boys did this by reaching a total of 7,000 equivalent album units in the US. 4,000 of which were traditional album sales.

But as if that wasn’t enough for you….

a couple of other achievements have also been made

  • They also landed #1 on the Emerging Artists Chart
  • #1 on the World Albums Chart
  • #2 on the Heatseekers Albums Chart
  • #26 on the Top Album Sales Chart

Meanwhile on the World Digital Song Sales Chart, their single Crown debuted at #1, followed by Blue Orangeade at #10, with Cat & Dog at #14 and Our Summer at #17.

In short…….they snapped.

Talk about an applause worthy debut. Folks expected big and BIG they got. If you ask me, TXT should be considering purchasing a bag right about now…

But anywho let me know your thoughts on this down below. Are you scared by the immediate success of this group? Are you excited by it? or is it a bit of both? Feel free to share.

5 thoughts on “TXT lands a Billboard 200 entry

  1. Personally I don’t like TXT’s music style much, but I can appreciate the creativity behind the music production and video. My only concern is that TXT might be becoming wildly popular because of BTS and ARMY. Not that they’re not talented or anything, obviously they are, but this kind of success from a rookie group is legendary, this is actually a moment in K-Pop history. Anyhow, congrats to TXT for their huge debut!!


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