Kdrama Review: Tomorrow With You

This show has Romance AND Time Travel…come on, You Gotta Watch It Right?


As for myself, I finished watching this drama not too long ago and if I have to be honest I could have finished it much sooner. The reason I didn’t though was because I was not ready for it too end so I dragged out the last couple episodes as much as I could. That and I legit didn’t know whether to expect a happy or sad ending. This drama definitely has a lot of melo drama points but at the same time brings in enough humor where it feels like the story could go either way. From a plot point of view that is good but if you are someone like me who wants happy endings in EVERY drama that could cause some severe anxiety. lol But enough about me and my problems, lets get to the plot.

tomorrow with you wedding

The drama we have here focuses primarily on the couple of So Joon and Ma Rin. So Joon is a time traveler who goes on a special subway to travel to the future, where at one point he got a glimpse to a terrible out come in his life. In an attempt to change this newfound fate of his, he decides to continue his trips through time to see if it can be changed . After a series of failed attempts his number 1 plan becomes…. to marry Ma Rin, a character who is similarly affected in the future. 😮 She is a former child star who was a one hit wonder and is now trying to pursue a career in photography. At first she is confused by So Joon’s sudden advances but eventually starts to welcome them and yes do some advances of her own. 😉

The drama pretty much  encapsulates their journey from strangers all the way past their marriage. Yeah that’s right marriage. Probs one of the few dramas where you will get to see a wedding waaay before the last episode. haha Not only that but best of all there are no love triangles getting in the way here. I mean you did have a character that had feelings for one of our main leads but it never fully developed into a full on love triangle which is something I was glad about. Sometimes you just need a break from that. 🙂

tomorrow with you sassy shin minA

Now to the most outstanding positive, I gotta say that if you watch dramas looking for strong chemistry then this is a must watch. To me both So Joon and Ma Rin played well of each other from the very beginning. I guess it helped that both these characters had charming and outgoing personalities. In particular, I liked Ma Rin the most. She was so sassy but with a pure heart. Her back and forth with So Joon always made me feel a gambit of emotions.

tomorrow with you romance

One moment they could be having some quirky banter going on, the next things could get a bit flirty and other times downright dramatic. If there was one constant it was the high energy they brought to their scenes. The two just oozed sexual tension and as a result the drama could have probably still been as effective without any actual skinship. It was that good and intense. Luckily we did get skinship, a surprising amount actually and I was 100% pleased by it. 😊The hugs, the kisses, the stares, the teasing, I couldn’t get enough.

Another positive was the time travel element, something I don’t see too often in dramas. It was the thing that most attracted me to this and I gotta say that for the most part it was handled well. The drama did a good enough job at explaining how it worked and at setting limits that kept things from getting too convoluted. I was able to keep track of everything and I liked how the aspect ratio would change when we went from modern day to the future, made it easy for us to differentiate between the two. I also like the disappearing effect for when So Joon would make a jump to the future. A small negative though would be how no one would notice him just disappearing like that in the middle off a crowded subway. lol Like for reals, specially since there is a point when he IS caught. It makes it even more odd that others around him before never caught on. 😛

tomorrow with you baddie

Then in terms of villains I was mixed on things. First I wanna talk about Gun Sook. She isn’t so much a villain as much as she is a frenemy to our female lead. She was kinda annoying at first and I really wanted her to get her comeuppance. However, as the drama went on I started to find her funny and she kinda grew on me. Towards the end I actually wished we had gotten to see more of her and her side plots. Then there was her husband(Yong Jin), who I disliked as well early on. Except it took me awhile to really realize he was gonna be the big baddie because his character was very meh early on. I felt he lacked characterization throughout but at least he did become a creepy presence later on. There where even points where I feared for Gun Sook’s safety because he started getting so crazy. He may have never quite grown to be a compelling character but as a plot device he served his purpose.

tomorrow with you shaddy guy

As for other side characters I felt they where serviceable.For example, So Joons friends and Ma Rin’s best friend did good with what they had but don’t leave much of an impact. The biggest standout of these to me would have to be Doo Shik. He was the wild card on the show. You could like him one moment but hate him the next. It always felt like he was up to something and you never felt like you could quite trust him. He was So Joon’s time traveler friend but his shadiness made  you think he could be sabotaging our lead and it’s hard to figure out if he is or not. His endgame isn’t really clear ’till you get closer to the end.

In closing, I’d say if you like sci-fi and want something with a more mature romance then give this a try. It picks up steam and gets better as it goes a long. Overall, the main couple is adorable. You are also bound to fall for So Joon’s determination and Ma Rin’s quirkiness. Their relationship tackles big real problems like trust and non real problems like dealing with the baggage that comes with dating a time traveler. With lot’s of other good tidbits in between. I give this an 8/10.

Well that concludes another post. Like always thanks for reading my ramblings. ^_^ I will leave you with this scene from the drama:





9 thoughts on “Kdrama Review: Tomorrow With You

  1. We seem to share pretty similar feelings concerning this drama. It was a slow burner for me, but it just got better and better as it went. I loved the time travel element, and that chemistry between Lee Je Hoon and Shin Min Ah was off the charts! What a couple 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • I know you mentioned you were interested in Circle. Not quite time traveling, but two different timelines with a connection.

        I’m excited for that one. Chicago Typewriter also has the two timelines going on. I’m also planning to check out Tunnel here pretty soon and it has the time travel element. I love that there are so many dramas right now exploring time travel and different timelines 🙂


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