“Persona” to Overtake “Answer” Through Pre-orders Alone?

Ok on the grand scale I don’t know if such a thing is actually possible…however on a slightly less grander scale…maybe not so much as it turns out. In fact, have you heard of a site called Ktown4u(pretty sure most of you have lol)? It’s a pretty popular place where people go to buy kpop albums. Recently something on there was brought to my attention.

According to their site these 2 albums pictured below are their top 2 best selling albums of All-time.


Now why do I show this picture you ask?

Well take a look again and tell me, do You SEE what I SEE? On their site their current best seller is Answer which has sold a total of 170K, a pretty crazy amount for just 1 site. However what’s even doubly crazier is their current 2nd best seller…….. Persona. Yes fam this is an album that ain’t even out yet.

You can say Persona is snapping hard. Through pre-orders alone BTS‘s newest album is already super close edging out their last!(again at least on this site anyways) As y’all probs know already other sites haven’t really been releasing any data on sales figures, but based on this alone one can only begin to imagine.

Overall whether this album ends up being a 3million seller or a 4million seller ,or Not, one thing is definitely certain, this is yet another year were BTS does NOT flop.


Map Of The Soul: PERSONA has been #1 on Amazon’s Best Sellers for 22 days already. only a few more days to beat Answer‘s record.

2 thoughts on ““Persona” to Overtake “Answer” Through Pre-orders Alone?

  1. The pre-order numbers for Persona are crazy high, so I would suspect it will easily overtake Answer. Maybe this will be the big 3 million album!


  2. it has a reason. this time there is one country taking part in buying and pre-ordering too. That is India, the second populous country in the world. And kpop is not even very mainstream here. Just imagine the impetus.


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