ANARCHY and Awich got me feeling loco

Oooooh snaaaaaps…. Japanese rap mixed with some Latin vibes? Sign me the fudge up please!!

Talk about an amazing combo. I think I may have found a new fave Japanese song for my top 5 no exaggeration.

Went in not expecting much but holy hell did I not only come out pleasantly surprised by this but I was freaking mind blown by the end. I’d been feeling like the whole usage of latin beats in international songs had been getting kind of played out recently, but damn if this shizz didn’t single handedly change my tune. Safe to say it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a song so naturally incorporate that certain fiery latin charm. The whole “couple that is pitted against each other” concept this takes plays into that mood so well.

The last time I’d seen a couple fighting song like this was Mad Clown’s Fire. Have been secretly waiting for something else like it or along similar lines for some time! Looks like my prayers have been  answered. Not sure what it says about me but I love that angry back an forth from couples in distress. Makes for some interesting song progression that when done right pulls you in like no other. 

Specially in the case of this song it rings so true. Of course it helps that you got two icons spitting and belting some good verses and bars in the middle of it all. The chemistry in this is surely what makes for an ultra LIT back and forth. I mean Anarchy‘s chill bossness and Awich‘s powerfully sassy vocals makes for quite the interesting power dynamic that results in an oh so addicting and compelling song. Seriously the shizz has an amazing pace with no downtime whatsoever and the use of Japaspanglish is such a unique thing!

Now as for negatives? I’m trying to think of any negatives I may be able to throw in but I’m hard pressed to think of any. I guess maybe for some the vid may come off a little trashy which might make you reserved to continue on, but still I’d say it’s worth powerin’ through. Personally I thought the aesthethic and production was all in all on point with the concept they where going for. It’s deceptively simple but still tells a visual story with some cool set design.The MV is sexy and might be distracting but the whole split screen way it was shot really added a nice touch that played to strengthen the different perspectives of the lyrics.

Overall I think this is one heck of a sleek MV that deserves more hype than what it has currently been getting. If you want a different type of hype rap song give this a shot. The two artists aren’t you’re typical young idols. They are older, more seasoned, and it shows in their charisma and aura.

9/10 track for me.



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