HyunA Goes Vogue

Stop teasing me HyunA. Please for the love of…aaaggh.

I swear this girl be out here making CFs feel like comeback Teasers.

Girl is a straight up BOSS. I don’t even wear any make up and she has me whipped into wanting some. lol And she would be putting on RED lipstick wouldn’t she. You get it girl we know it’s YOUR color. In all seriousness though, can you like step yo game up P-Nation. 😛

You signed this girl back in January. CFs like this are cool but come on bruh gotta get the ball rolling. I’d like to see some signs that some new music is on the way pretty please. This new CF clearly shows she hasn’t lost a step. Still got all of that HyunA “goodness”. The edge, the sass, I loves it.

And while at it, how abouts getting Hyojong up in that action too. Ever since the two of them announced they be dating I have really been interested by the idea of seeing them duo it up as a public couple. Legit not something I’ve ever seen done in kpop before, am pretty sure it could shake up the scene. Maybe make some companies re-think the whole “idols shouldn’t date rule.” 👍

Until then I will simply continue to re-watch this CF and enjoy it for all of its glorious aesthetics, cuz really they are on point. HyunA looking good was obviously a given but I’m surprised by the sleek, clean, and modern feel of how this was shot. Loving the use of the color purple too(my fave color).

Your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “HyunA Goes Vogue

    • I was really liking the retro sounding stuff she was doing towards the end at Cube. Would like more of that. But I agree if she is allowed more freedom, it will be interesteing to see what new places she can take her music.

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