This is an archive of all the Music posts I have made thus far. It’s a lot of K-pop but there is other stuff in here too. 🙂

Albanian Music!

This is a post about me finding a new passion, that being Albanian music. 😀


Check Out Strawhatz- Kimono

A video that has hip-hop and  electronic beats that are mixed with Japanese Culture. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for the girl in the Red Kimono. 😉


CLC Wins My Heart

One of the better K-pop comebacks. Especially if you are a fan of groups like 4minute.


K-pop Discoveries: BULLDOK

Kimi is cool. Nuff said. haha


K-pop Tag! 😛

Just me talking about Kpop stuff.


-K-Rapper Spotlight: Grace

Rappers that need to be checked out because they are grossly underrated.



-Interesting K-pop Mix Part 1, 2, 3

A collection of Kpop songs that I think are cool but aren’t the most well known.


indie Korea Vol.1

Korea has some good indie stuff. This is a post for people that want a change from the typical K-pop stuff.


Korean Death Note?

I didn’t know this was a thing. Now I wish I can watch the Death Note musical live someday.


Sexy Yet Classy Collection

Do you like Sexy Concepts in K-pop? If yes then this is the right post for you. These are my most faves.


So BTS is pretty dope…

You can’t go wrong with some BTS. They sing, they dance, have positive lyrics and more. 😮


-Songs! World Variety #1, #2, #3

A collection of cool songs from around the world. Not just K-pop!


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