A “Flirty” game of “Would you rather?”

Not quite clear on how I came across this site and its 40 “flirty” Would You Rather Questions, but it looks like it could make for some content.  As I’m sure I’ve stated before I do like mixing things up from time to time so this could actually turn out to be a good opportunity. What do you say to me giving this a try? I’ve only skimmed through the first couple scenarios but it seems like it’d be a fun and different thing to attempt. It looks like this version is aimed at guys tho, so if you’re a girl and feel enticed to try this as well  you may have to re-write some of these.

Other than that it all seems good at a first glance. Hopefully it doesn’t get too spicy down the line however. 😅 You know what, just to be safe don’t keep reading unless you can handle mature subject matter. Just to be on the safe side. Don’t worry you wont be getting anything outrageously graphic from my end. 😂 I promise.

40 Flirty Would You Rather Questions


1. Would you rather kiss a girl or be kissed by a girl?

Hmm 🤔… for the most part I tend to be a “stand back” and “wait and see” kind of guy. That is until it comes down to relationships. I notice when it comes down to it I tend to be more assertive than I may first appear. So I’m more likely to make the first move. Does that mean I’d like to kiss a girl first over her kissing me? Not necessarily.

I think I’m more likely to go for the kiss myself, but I would actually like it more if the girl kissed me first. 🙂


2. Would you rather have one partner or several at once?

I think several at once is the way to go. Personally I have 4.





I’m just kidding obviously. 😛 I ‘m a one person at a time kind of guy.


3. Would you rather have a long term relationship or flings?

Long term.

I think flings sound cool when you are younger or right after you’ve come out of a long term relationship, however, I think most of us or at least a lot of us are designed for something long term.

 Black And White Kiss GIF



4. Would you rather have a hot girlfriend or an OK girl with a great personality?

Great personality hands down. I’m not much into looks in the first place. I’m more into somebody I can engage in conversation with. Whether we agree or disagree on things. What matters most to me is that we can talk to each other about whatever problems we may have.


5. Would you rather check out a girl from the front or the back?

The front


6. Would you rather go out for your date or stay in?

Go out. Nothing too fancy tho. I’d like to take a spontaneous adventure out around the town. Maybe discover a new spot to hang out together. Sometimes it’s the moments that you don’t plan that end up sticking with you the most.

7. Would you rather find true love or be rich?

Find True Love. Having money would be nice too don’t get me wrong,  but love is like the currency of the soul.


8. Would you rather kiss a girl on her cheek or her lips?

I think the cheek. IDK but it feels like doing it like that has way more impact these days. Maybe because as you get older you are “expected” more to kiss on the lips. I think there is something cute about going for the cheek instead. Specially for a first kiss.


9. Would you rather date someone older or younger than you?

When I think about it, in the past I’ve mostly gone for girls older than me. Given the choice again I would go older. I’m not exactly sure why? I should think about it and get back to you. I wouldn’t be against dating someone younger tho. I’m in my twenties so I don’t think it would be that crazy to date someone who is 18 for example.


10. Would you rather see a girl in a short dress, shorts, or a skirt?

I know this is against the rules but can I throw an under appreciated look out there?

I personally would prefer to see a girl in overalls. But since that is technically against the rules I’ll say shorts.



11. Would you rather your girlfriend wear red lipstick or pink lipstick?

Red. Red is one of my fave colors in general.

red hyuna


12. Would you rather do it in a bed or in a car?

Umm this is certainly towing that line between NSFW. lol

I think bed. Doing it in a car is too uncomfortable(not that I’m saying that from personal experience. nope non whatsoever…).


13. Would you rather kiss a girl on the first date or wait?

I think waiting is good. You gotta build up to it. I don’t think you gotta wait years or anything but a week or two won’t kill you dude. My advise: aim for a happy middle ground. Somewhere between how long it takes to get a kiss on an American show and a K-drama. 😆


14. Would you rather get back with your ex or find someone new?

Find some one new. My ex cheated on me with somebody I knew. I don’t think I can put that fact aside and move on. If we got back together it would always be looming in the back of my mind that something similar could happen again.


15. Would you rather date me or be my friend?

I’m gonna skip this question. This is meant to be answered if a girl/girlfriend was asking these to me. Obvs I just decided to do this randomly so I have nobody to answer to.


16.Would you rather give a massage or receive a massage?

Receive a massage. Man I’ve been working out non stop these days. Having someone to massage me would be the best thing that could happen in my life right now. lol 😂😆


17. Would you rather a girl or a guy make the first move?

I think who ever likes the other person first should get the ball rollin’. If I like a girl you best believe I’m gonna make a move. Just as I would expect a girl that likes me to make a move.

*Fun Fact: I actually have a hidden rule. I always say yes to somebody who wants to date me. Unless I’m already dating someone of course. I do it because you just never know who might be right for you. Never pass an opportunity I say. Clearly unless they pose an obvious threat to your safety*


18. Would you rather a girl wear lingerie or just be completely nude?

O_O looks like another question toying that NSFW line.

Hmm. I think I would prefer a girl wear lingerie I suppose. Like I said previously, I like a build up. You can’t just go zero to 100. Where is the fun in that? You gotta enjoy the whole journey not just once you get to the destination.


19. Would you rather cuddle or makeout?

Cuddle. I’ve mentioned on here a few times that I don’t like giving hugs. A big reason is because I like to save that type of thing, showing affections and whatnot, for somebody I love.  If you go around being touchy feely with everyone then it losses it’s luster. However when you aren’t known for having a soft touch and you suddenly show that side, suddenly every little bit means a lot more.


20. Would you rather sleep naked or with pjs?

with PJS.

I don’t think I have ever slept entirely naked in my entire life. Even when its hot I like to have something on. You never know if an emergency will happen and you will have to rush out…


21. Would you rather have kids first or get married first?

Depends on your definition of marriage. I personally don’t think you need to be “legally” married to actually be married. As in I don’t think you need to have paperwork done. Once you know the other person is the person you will love till the end then I consider that marriage. And yeah I would like to have that feeling before I have kids.


22. Would you rather cook or be cooked for?

I’d rather cook. I won’t say I’m a chef or anything but I love cooking different kinds of meals. I started about 4 years ago and I feel I’ve made really good progress since.

Chef GIF


23. Would you rather be purely physical or make a commitment?

Make some kind of commitment of course. Like if we are gonna be physical then it should stand to reason that we are at least dating right?


24. Would you rather be with a short girl or a tall girl?

Doesn’t make much of a different to me but since I can only pick one…. I think I’d go with a short girl.


25. Would you rather go camping or stay in a hotel?

Camping sounds like fun. I haven’t tried it yet.


26. Would you rather go on long walks or long drives?

Long walks. I think it’s fun getting to explore the city. You never know what kind of shops you will find and what kind of people you will end up interacting with. It’s also a good way to slow down and get to just experience life in general. Whenever I go on long walks I always end up focusing on different things and end up having some interesting thoughts/realizations.


27. Would you rather date a good girl or a bad girl?

What a bad girl is and what a good girl is can be very subjective. That said, more often than not I tend to fall for the “bad” girl. What can I say I like a girl that can talk some sh*t but who can also back it up. And I specially like when you know they can’t be that bad.

No person is 100% good and no person is 100% bad.


28. Would you rather cuddle and watch movies or go out and adventure?

Go out and adventure. Come on how is going out on an “ADVENTURE” not cool sounding? It means let’s go and do something we haven’t done before. To me THAT is a BIG key to keeping a relationship spicy. 😀


29. Would you rather we talk through text, calling or social media?

Honestly I would prefer face to face. I rarely ever talk to anybody through text, calling, or social media. If I do to you then congratz it means I think you’re an awesome person, and you are one of a very very few.

I’ll go with social media I guess.


30. Would you rather date a good kisser or a good lover?

A good lover I guess(?)

I mean it feels like both are important tho.


31. Would you rather break up with someone or be broken up with?

I think I would rather break up with someone. I think  we would all like to be the final decider because it means we at least have some sort of control.


32. Would you rather give up your favorite food or give up sex for six months?

I think food would be the easiest. I’m at the point where I’m eating more for the sake of fueling my body than I am for the enjoyment of it. So giving up a favorite food would be no biggie at this point.


33. Would you rather be with a girl who has a great work ethic or a girl who plays hard?

Is this really a question? The choice seems so obvious. Clearly go with the girl who has a great work ethic!


34. Would you rather take a vacation with me or a vacation with your friends?

Let me fix this quesh real quick.

“Would you rather take a vacation with a significant other or with your friends?

I think I’d go with my significant other. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a vacation with my friends. Is that bad? 😅


35. Would you rather date a girl who surprises you or a girl who is blunt?

But I think sometimes being blunt can be surprising. I know a few people like that. But I guess I’ll go with a girl that surprises me. I think I’ve stated it before, I wanna live a life that is interesting.


36. Would you rather be with a girl who loves your friends or one who loves your family?

What if your friends are like family?

hmmm…. I think I would want them to like my family more because they would probably be the ones to stop by the most. I rarely have anybody other than family over to my house. I usually meet up with friends at our hang out spots.


37. Would you rather have a shotgun wedding or a large, planned out wedding?

Planned wedding. I did say I don’t care much about having one earlier, but if the girl I like wants one then she will get one.

Wedding GIF


38. Would you rather be rich and famous or be a nobody yet be happy?

be a nobody yet be happy. I don’t really have a burning desire to be rich in the first place so that’s an easy one to answer.


39. Would you rather eat at a restaurant or eat at home?

eat at a home. I’m a big fan of home cooked meals. You can definitely taste the extra care and love that goes into it!

cooking GIF


40. Would you rather give or receive in the bedroom?

woooooaaaaah! That’s a way to end this ain’t it? I think I’ll skip this last question. 😆 If you really really wanna know(I don’t know why you would) Ask me in the comments or something and I guess I’ll give you an answer.

Anyways if you feel up to it go ahead and give this a try.  Again I got these from this website:


With that I’ll see you peeps next time.


9 thoughts on “A “Flirty” game of “Would you rather?”

  1. You had me at ‘flirty’ with this one! 😉

    Funny thing about the wedding question. Mine would be a planned out wedding. But honestly? As I’ve had my own I can say I prefer a small intimate wedding over a large one. We had 155 guests and I would have loved if it was even smaller with just close friends and family. 70% of the people there really are ones we hardly keep in contact with but were invited because our parents wanted them to be there. They were and are not important in our immediate circle of friends and family.

    Actually, when we first started planning our wedding it was going to be on a cruise. For us, it was perfect and easy. They gave something like 3 options for a wedding package but each one had a wedding coordinator. Flowers, cake, food and all that could be pre-arranged by email. A photographer during our vows and of course we get married by the captain of the ship! I’m sorry – but that would be just too cool! Then our wedding part and close family would get off the ship at the end of the week and it would cruise for another week.

    But… my in-laws were so against it. So… we had it the way we had it. All the years later the only part of the wedding which really made an impact on me was the moment my husband and I exchanged vows. None of the other stuff mattered. Not the flowers, not the dress… so made me realize what I knew all along…

    For me… it’s just the getting married part and the rest of our lives part that matters the most. I wanted a marriage – not a wedding which lasts several hours, tops.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I remember when my parents got married. The did so many years after they had me. Lol One day I remember getting pulled out of school when I was about 8. We took a trip to one of those places that can instantly marry you. I guess they figured might as well, but didnt wanna make a big deal.

      From what I remember there were like 15 people max that showed up.


      • ahhhh i see. 😉 so you’re actually giving me a head nod for tagging you those millions of times. you’re welcome. lol

        and yes it does, strongly i think. i wonder what mine show…. pfft. probably an insanely blunt person. idk. what do you think?


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