Waiting to watch “Go Back Couple?”


Ayye everybody I’m back at it again. This time with a quick post to talk about a drama that’s gonna be done airing soon on November 18th. I wanted to give it a little shout out because when it’s done, for me at least, it means it’s finally gonna be binge watching time. Woop! Woop! lol ๐Ÿ˜› The drama I’m referring to today is called Go Back Coupleย and it has been on my radar for what feels like forever. Since I’ve been following news of it from the beginning when it was first announced and have been over here waiting patiently ever since. What drew me to it originally was the simple fact that it has a time travel element. Literally just throw that into something- anything and it’s basically a foregone conclusion I’ll wanna check it out, Kdrama or not.

However in this case though I feel an even greater need to check it out than the usual as I’m drawn in by a twist to the typical time travel sitution. You see normally with these type of dramas you get a protagonist that goes back to change things or to learn some kind of lesson right? Well in this drama’s case it seems you get two for your moneyz!!! Cuz you have a husband and wife pairing who BOTH get sent back together 20 years into the past. Something I can bet you have probs never seen on screen before. And from what I gather in this show, the main leads will start not liking each other but then the fun will be to see them re-fall for one another back in time. To which I say, who could ever pass on a story like THAT. ๐Ÿ˜›

It literally sounds like you get double the time travel goodness in it doesn’t it? Cuz you’ll get the hijinks of a late 30 something character suddenly in their younger 20 something person’s body 2 fold. Then on top of it all you’ll get some university/school slice of life type stuff, mixed with other time travel tropes, and lastly the cheesy romance as the cherry on top. It’s almost as if the show was made with me in mind when I lay it out like that. ๐Ÿ˜† But hey if all that wasn’t good sounding enough, the show is also only scheduled for 12 episodes. Yup, making it a light watch.

But anyways though here is a trailer, check it out and see if it intrigues you too. It will more than likely convince you to check it out more than I ever could:



Now tell me, are any of you out there looking forward to binge watching it when it’s over like I am? Cuz if you are you can have me to talk to about it… just saying. ๐Ÿ˜‰ However if your answer is a no then what other shows ARE you waiting on to end instead, to binge watch of course? I know I got some other ones too since lately there has been a good supply of Kdramas.

For example, in my top 5 “Shows I’m Waiting To End” I would definitely put something likeย While You Were Sleepingย on there as well. Becauseย I feel like everybody has been talking about that one these days and from what I’ve been seeing the reception has been generally favorable.. Plus I remember seeing so many beautiful screen shots from the first ep. when it came out. And it’s got it’s own supernatural element with romance mixed in too. With it’s female lead who can have dreams of unfortunate future events and its male lead who helps her thwart them. ^___^

So yeah, again please do share your thoughts on you latest binge watching possibilities. And if you have any time travel drama recommendations I’m always free to listen to them too!


12 thoughts on “Waiting to watch “Go Back Couple?”

  1. You pretty much summed up all of my reasons for wanting to watch this, lol. I too am a sucker for anything time travel related and this has that plus some bonuses to sweeten the deal ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also planning to start it next week! I went ahead and started on While You Were Sleeping yesterday since it is almost over. Solid first couple eps. I then will be promptly starting Go Back Couple ๐Ÿ™‚

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