“OMG what a surprise, BTS is having a comeback in April…”

said noone after this announcement. lol

In what is one of the worst best kept secrets ever, it has finally been confirmed by BigHit that BTS is indeed coming back in April. woop woop! Friday April 12th to be exact. The boys are set to make their long awaited return with their newly announced album.

The name of said album you ask?




and the good news is that Pre -orders for it are set to open up on Wednesday March 13th(yes that’s only 2 days away!).

Let’s take a moment of silence for our wallets. April is looking to be packed as fuuuudge.

(Blackpink, Twice, Bolbbalgan4, are but a few of the names I’ve seen murmured about O_O It’s gonna be a bloodbath for us multi fandomers isn’t it?)


P.S. in the meantime, you can have a fun time getting edumacated by reading this book. From the looks of it it’s gonna be important. I mean the new album is named after it after all plus it was even being sold in their store.


and also follow this twitter handle(@BTSBookClub_twt) while at it. I’m sure they will be covering this book in great detail. It might be fun to speculate with other fellow ARMYs in which ways this book might inspire the new album.

*I swear BTS is the only group that makes me do homework in order to understand their comebacks*



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