“Midnight”, A girl Group to look Forward To?

Seems like nowadays companies are dying to debut girl groups with a little extra swagger huh? and with the success and rise of groups like Blackpink, G-Idle, and more recently ITZY, I can’t say I blame ’em.

In fact a recent group I checked out that fits this kind of mold is called Midnight. Ever heard of ’em? You shouldn’t beat yourself up too much over it if you haven’t since I myself hadn’t either until a couple days ago. From my understanding it’s a new Pre-Debut girl group that I wanna say plans to debut later THIS year(But take that last part with a grain a salt).

The group I’ll admit is still a bit rough around the edges, but I thought I’d share on here nonetheless because I see a potential there. I recently checked out this special diss track MV they put out on the Stone Music Entertainment youtube channel, and let’s just say that for me it was poppin’. You had dynamic girls with personalities and charisma that was oozing out, and what’s not to love about that.

Now be warned the video overall was a bit wonky. However I wanted to share with you guys anyways because I thought the execution on THEIR part sure wasn’t. The dancing, the way they emoted, there was so much incredible energy and attitude coming through my screen while I was watching, that I felt given a bigger budget I could easily see it working on a wider appeal.

This may sound a bit strange but I feel like they have a specific type of swagger to them that is usually reserved for boy groups. and I dig that. So please as you watch do try to overlook things like the weird camera work and sound mixing(keep in mind this is PRE-DEBUT). Just focus on their delivery and see if you can recognize that potential I’m talking about.

I think a legit MV from them later on is something to keep your eyes open for.

*Song features 황인선, 공명정대*

3 thoughts on ““Midnight”, A girl Group to look Forward To?

  1. Extremely ironic debut MV I will admit, the random 5th member coming and going was what confused me most of all. I’m wondering how their actual debut will sound. I’m keeping an eye out for them as well!

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    • If they do a 180 and go for a cutesy concept I will be disappointed. But if they keep this general vibe it could be cool. These girls sell this kind of concept well. I just ask for a better overall production next time.

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      • Of course.

        This reminds me of debuts back in the early 2010s. Most debuts sounded like this because of the company not having a lot of funds. I’m trying to remember a band that had a similar sounding debut and I’m drawing up blanks. I’ll probably remember way too late. XD


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