OSTs that made you wanna watch the Drama


Usually it’s the other way around isn’t it? You’d be off watching some drama when all of a sudden a certain music track might get a hold of your attention. A track so catchy or so emotional that you’re like, “I needz this to go on my playlist immediately.” I know the feeling cuz that’s happened to me on many of occasions but more surprisingly probably is that I can say the same about the reverse, and that’s really what I’d like to focus on today. 😊 I wanna share a few of the songs I’ve stumbled on by sheer happenstance that turned out to be so good and I do mean soooo good, that I felt as if NEEDED to go back and watch the dramas from which they came from.

And to start it all off I can’t think of a better way than with the song that inspired this post. 😮 I’m talkin’ about a song called Higher Plane which so happens to be from the Korean version of the famous crime show Criminal Minds. Yup that exists now, go figure. Lol When I first heard of it I looked for any promotional material I could get my grubby little hands on because I was waay curious to see how in the heck they were gonna adapt this. From what I managed to see I was not wowed and with me already having spent countless hours on the original, I was left a little dismissive of it. Let’s us not forget that the American version has been around since 2005. That’s a fudge ton hours of content right there. Enough for somebody to burn out and be done already. However by no means was that the END of it though because me being subscribed to as many Korean Music Channels as I am, my feed sometimes gets blowed up with all types of OST tracks. And on one particular day a track from this drama popped up and I couldn’t help but notice that it had Flowsik’s name attached. O_o

For those who might be unaware, Flowsik is a Korean rapper. Not just any either since he’s been on the up and up for awhile. I’d easily put him high on my top 5 rappers list if I were to ever make such a thing. The dude has got some bars on him but what makes him truly  standout is that hes got a unique deep and raspy voice. Which makes his rapping sound all the more intense. I was reminded of T.O.P. when I first heard it. So to see him on there was a pretty big deal that I couldn’t let pass me by. And if he wasn’t a surprise enough I was even more thrilled by the fact that Davichi happened to be featured with him!!!

What, never heard of Davichi? You probs have cuz they are a duo who have worked on A LOT of OSTs. They worked on It’s Ok That’s Love, Descendants of The Sun, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, to name a few. But in this case only Kang Min Kyung is featured. But no worries cuz that was enough. You see she’s a vocal heavy hitter who is known for her angelic voice. Thanks to this I just knew her voice mixed with Flowsik’s style would result in something special. And well here is that end result. After listening to it myself there was no way I would not at least give the first ep of the drama a chance 😀 :


Another song I wanna talk about is He Isn’t Worth It. This was from a Taiwanese drama that I was semi-aware aware of previously called Behind Your Smile. Truthfully all I really knew was that the main actor Chang Marcus was attached.  Because he was also the main actor in Back to 1989.  A drama that I’m constantly trying to get people to watch. Which if you still haven’t gotten around to watching, do so right now please! It’s got it all, some cuteness, mystery, friendship, and freaking TIME Travel guys. The first ep is a bit slow but it legit picks up after. Plus it’s on Netflix meaning if you already have that you might as well give it a try no? 🙂

But anywho the reason I avoided Behind Your Smile previously was cuz a lot of people told me it was dark. As in one of those dramas where everyone pushes the female lead around…I don’t know about y’all but those kind of dramas aren’t my thing cuz they can annoy me so much and make me mad. I don’t like having to wait countless episodes for the lead to get a backbone. But on the other hand I had also heard really positive things about the OST. Then one day I stumbled on it without realizing it. That’s because the MV didn’t have footage from the Drama like they typically do so I didn’t put two and two together until I saw it mentioned in the comments. Turned out this song is the intro to the drama and what a good intro it is. That piano part really sets the mood early on and I’d say the song overall gives a good representation of the atmosphere of the show. It may be a hard watch no doubt but I say give it a couple episodes at least to see if you can get on board.



Next I wanna give you my last example since I like keeping my posts relatively short. This time it’s for a movie and NOT a drama. The Movie is called Our Times and it’s a Taiwanese Movie. I haven’t watched too many of those before but the few I have, so far have been pretty fantastic. I guess I’m really lucky in my picks huh?  Although I must admit that this one leaned more on the cliche side of things and it had some cheese to it too. Thus some people might be hesitant to give it a try but gosh darn it, it was very well executed. If you like the “non popular girl falling for the popular good boy only to get mixed up with the bad boy” type of storyline, this will be your jam. I freaking loved this movie.

I discovered it’s theme, A little Happiness, while sinking deep through the YouTube rabbit hole as they say. Where one click leads straight to the next and before you know it you’re going through uncharted online territory. Well yeah that is how I stumbled on the MV which I gotta say is one of the best story MVs I have seen so far. I know it’s kinda cheating since it takes clips from the actual movie but the way the MV is edited makes it feel almost like its own short movie. Like I feel you could be satisfied checking out the MV on its own merits because the song really gets the tone and emotion of the movie across. Every time I watch it I get a bunch of instant feelz. Specially at the part were the main guy nudges the girl towards the other guy at the 3:27 mark. That part never fails to make to make my heart hurt. T_T😭



Anyways before this becomes a complete downer let me know what songs have you stumbled on that made you wanna check a drama out? Heck it doesn’t have to be a drama per se, maybe there was a track that made you wanna check out an anime, a game, or something else instead. Please share your thoughts and like always I’ll see peeps next time. ^____^

16 thoughts on “OSTs that made you wanna watch the Drama

  1. Haha, this happens more often than I thought.
    A couple of my friends started to watch Tunnel because BTS plays in it, haha.
    I watched Koe no Katachi after hearing the music track, same with Kimi no nawa.
    Damn that last song is GOOD

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    • I went into Tunnel not knowing that and was surprised when I heard BTS songs pop up. lol As for Kimi No Na wa, I love Radwimps since before so I loved that they got a chance at the OST. 🙂
      and yup that last song is GOOD. 😀😄👍

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    • I looked up the movie but I thought the plot sounded familiar. Turns out I had watched the drama version before. lol Had no idea it was remade into a movie. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! 😀


      • I watched the chinese drama version too! Let me know what you think of the movie if you have the time to check it out! 🙂


  2. Can’t really think of a song that made me want to watch a drama, but I did but a movie because the score was made by Kenji Kawai. Don’t even know if the movie is any good, but honestly I don’t even care 😊 Just love everything that guy makes music for 😀

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    I have just became a fan of kdramas and kpop (less than 2 months) and everytime I finish a drama, I always download their OSTs. I never knew Koreans make such good music! 😊😢😀

    I personally love Goblin OSTs. These still give me chills!

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  5. You have my interest with Our Times. For one, I can understand the language! 🙂 Seriously – she transforms, right? There’s 2 girls w/ short hair in the MV. They are both the same? If so, they look so different! I’m a sucker for this type of rom-com. I don’t care if it’s cheesy. This is a good type of movie to watch with a glass of wine, in bed, under the covers (especially when my husband is on shift!)

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