Radio Station Plays 1 hour of BTS

Here today I write in hopes of showing some proper gratitude to a radio station that I believe deserves a special level of respect. A station that goes by @wearepoweruk on twitter. The reason beeing because in my eyes they have truly gone above and beyond the call of duty. More so than just about any other radio station I’ve seen. Cuz you know how when us #ARMYs request stations we typically get one spin if we are lucky? Well today this station gave us an ENTIRE 1 hour block of @BTS_twt music. Ain’t that the sickest! 🤗😊😃

They didn’t just play any ‘ol random tracks either. It could have been easy to just play #FakeLove(which they have done in the past) or any of the more recent tracks others have played. Instead however with the input of ARMYs they surprisingly went back quite a ways, and introduced many new peeps I hope, to great bops of the past.

Here is a list of the songs they played(sorry if skipped any or put them out of order):

As you can imagine there were a lot of us fanboying/fangirling over this list. It was amazing commenting on their @nowplayingpower account. Remember none of us new which songs were gonna be played or in what order! This UK station really put out a fun event. These are two replies I personally felt proud to have left them:

“The song that made me an . Yup OG ARMY here.. 😎Back when we couldn’t request Radio and instead requested Reactions.”(in reference to No More Dream)

“I once wrote that N.O. was an underrated song. However look at where it’s playing now. Hope more youths connect to it because it brilliantly captures the struggle of doing something because you are “supposed” to and wanting to find a path on your own terms.”

Best of all this was their last tweet after ending the whole BTS hr block:

Which means if you weren’t around this time then maybe you can show up next week? If you’re like, “but I’m not from the UK….” No worries fam they got a wesbite that you can check out. Should work for everybody or at least most peeps. Whether you’re from Canada, France, America(I’m from there!), India, etc.

Plus I left this comment and the station was one of the people that liked it.


I guess an audience is an audience, it doesn’t matter where you are from. As long as you show up and enjoy the music you are cool in their book. Well that’s all. Once again their twitter is @wearepoweruk . Go show them some love because they deserve it. 

8 thoughts on “Radio Station Plays 1 hour of BTS

    • Actually I think Radio Disney is leading all radio stations when it comes to playing BTS. Who woulda ever thunk it a couple years ago huh? Right now Fake Love is ranked #33 on US Pop Radio. 🙂



    i’m proud of them for not caring what people think and playing the good oldies. 🙂 ahhhhhhhhhhh love you BTS in your finest element…. music.

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