Drama Roulette: Prince of Wolf ep. 1 Review

Hey Everybody 😀 Hope you are having a fantastic day today!I got a new post for y’all. Gonna be doing some drama talk. More specifically, some Taiwanese drama talk.

Was in the mood to watch something new. Did a quick rundown of my list, yes I have a list 😛 , of dramas I was interested in. I couldn’t make up my mind! Did the only rational thing I could think of,I put the names into a randomizer(thank you for being a thing) and as luck would have it Prince of Wolf was chosen.


The basic rundown is that it’s a very Tarzan like drama. Does that peek some curiosity?pow-14 Allow me to continue. 🙂 The main character is Du Zhe Ming. One day, while camping with his fam, he gets lost and in the process ends up saving a female wolf. This leads to him being accepted into a wolf tribe. As his family is unable to find him he relies on the wolves to keep him safe and teach him their ways. Years pass by and then cue in the female protagonist, Mimi who is an amateur photographer. She is the first person to come in contact with Zhe Ming since his disappearance. Zhe Ming gets mesmerized by her and so the drama officially begins. 😛 Lot’s of set up lol

Immediately I fell for the intro. Then after the show was done I liked it even more. Why? I like it when the intro complements the show and that was what this one did! It really sets you up with the tone for what you are about to watch, then the drama takes that tone and runs with it. I am a firm believer that a good intro should hype you up for a show, unfortunately I find myself skipping through them most of the time. I didn’t with this one though so that was a nice plus.

The acting however, I thought was just ok. The performances at the beginning weren’t 13502515_306584616347000_6443327014853554673_othat great and some were a bit bad actually. It did get better as it went a long. I thought young/older Zhe Ming where the best out of the bunch. Young Zhe Ming had the cuteness factor in his favor. Just about everyone else was at least serviceable.

In terms of the plot, I was interested
the whole time. I mean a guy growing up with wolves sounds pretty cool. I did have a problem in why no one ever found him as a kid. It was a bit glossed over. My conclusion is that it was because he ultimately decided to stick with the wolves and not wanna be found. I wish this was clarified a bit more. There are also some scenes that I thought came of as corny and cheeseball. This is coming from someone that normally loves the cheese. Despite that I did like the little bit of chemistry we got with our leads. Their first encounter was…awkward for her and hilarious for me. haha The drama picks up a lot of steam when they meet up. Kinda wish it happened sooner but hey at least going forward we can now focus on them. 🙂


Ultimately, this ep was kinda average but I see enough promise to give it another ep to make up my mind whether I will watch it till’ the end or not. It started at about a 6/10 but about halfway through became a 7/10. By the end it settled on a descent score of 7.5/10 for me. You can check it out here.

6 thoughts on “Drama Roulette: Prince of Wolf ep. 1 Review

  1. I’m about 7 eps into this one. I have it on hold because I just got busy with other dramas, but I do plan to continue it. I like cheesy too, but this drama is WAY cheesy. It’s also kind of a check your brain at the door drama. I like the concept though and think it’s pretty cute. And I really Zhe Ming 🙂


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