What Makes Dreamcatcher Beautiful


Looks like my week just got a little bit better because only moments earlier today I noticed Dreamcatcher had dropped a new cover. 🙂 Not any either but one to One Direction‘s What Makes You Beautiful. Not that it’s my fave song or anything but I love seeing my fave idols sing in English too from time to time. 😛 And when it comes to covers in the Kpop World, truly I think this group is number 1. 👍 Funnily enough, that was how I discovered this group in the first place, through their various covers. lol

That is why seeing them drop a new one seemingly out of nowhere was plain awesomesauce for me. The best though is that I really liked how this one was filmed specially. It looked like they took a more “guerrilla-style” type of filmmaking approach to it. Maybe that wasn’t so and was actually more planed out than you would think but you can’t deny, there IS a feeling of spontaneity throughout and it’s fantastic. But more importantly when you watch the video I think it will be near impossible NOT to fall for their quirky and energetic personalities as it goes along. In fact for me that would be like a totally unfathomable possibility cuz they got too much charm between them. 😊

Anywho If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet here it is:



But now I can’t close out this post so easily can I? At least not without sharing my own personal fave cover. Nooope, I don’t think so. That is why I gotta use this opportunity to share their version of Lucky Strike while I’m at it. Because I happen to like it even better than the original!! Ok so I’m a fan of the band Maroon 5 and when they released the original version I immediately grew attached to it. To the point I often times look it up on YouTube when I’m on the go. However, on one day while searching for it that’s when I noticed a cover popped up and I saw these girls in the thumbnail. What was i supposed to do, Not click on it? No way that was happening so I did click and boy am I glad I did.

Not only did they do the song justice, in my opinion dare I say… they made it more rock-ish sounding than the original too. 😮 Plus I liked how they kept the lyrics unchanged and then if things weren’t good enough, added some choreography on top of it all! I swear nothing can be made worse by adding some good choreo to it… Anyways I liked the energy and intensity to it and I hope by this point Maroon 5 has had a chance to listen to it themselves.

Here is that one too in case you haven’t heard it:



Now tell me were any of you already Dreamcatcher fans? and if not did any of these videos win you over? Like I said I think these girls put out quality covers so you may wanna check some of their other ones out too. As for their own original songs, well, I’ll for sure talk about them in the future too. Don’t you worry about THAT. 😀


P.S. Right now you can check out Dami, JiU, Siyeon, and Yoohyeon on the Kpop survival show MIX NINE, produced by YG Entertainment. Personally I don’t think they need to be on there and I’m not really sure what that says about the future of this group. However, whateves happens I wish them the best. 😀


12 thoughts on “What Makes Dreamcatcher Beautiful

    • Yeah instead they sound sorta more like a mix of Jpop and Jrock. Would be cool for them to do an anime opening or something at some point. Wouldnt be the first time for a kpop group but their style totally suits it. 🙂


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