TXT Makes Their Debut!

Crown is out now!

what? Huh? WHAT!?

Hey guys so you may or may not have noticed but, the future Kings of Kpop may have just made their long awaited debut. Oh yah and it’s kind turning into a big deal…That’s right rookie group TXT is finally here and oh boy are they making an impact.

To say the universal response thus far has been mostly positive would be a joke of an understatement. Looks like over 40 #1s around the Globe already and the day ain’t even done yet folks(like is this “rookie of the year” I’m smelling?). I recken it’s safe to say, y’all normies and non normies a like should defs check them out pronto. It’s looking like this is gonna be something special for the record books. You ain’t gonna wanna miss this one out.

Alrighty now for my fam that HAS already checked them out. Where should I even begin? I guess with the most obvious maybe? I mean the most obvious thing that has been on people’s mind is whether they would end up being a BTS 2.0.


It’s funny but I didn’t even think about them once while watching the video. Well except maybe at the start cuz of the Bighit logo.(so weird seeing other artists using it. lol) so rejoice about that!

I am so happy about this in particular because I’ll admit even I had my doubts. I knew the teasers pointed to them being different but you know how bighit is. They like fudging with our expectations. So I was so not expecting the teasers to actually be such an accurate representation of what we ultimately got. Which was a more of a youthful, playful, fluffy-dream like production.

giphy (1)I’ll admit at first it took a sec to vibe to though, since that’s not a general direction I like. Even less so with boy groups. But I think what ultimately sold me on it and what I think will be the mass appeal for everyone else too, is the in sync choreo and little video animations and camera tricks. It’s too much of a fun and quirky video to outright dislike. I still feel the MV lacked some punch and was a little slow to find it’s grove at the beginning mind you. Kept waiting for more of a change up in the beat, but those things I mentioned before more than made up for any negatives. What do you think?


Also it looks that this group is getting to jump into the whole love/loving/self love/self discovery angle which is kind of interesting. Although kinda weird when you think about itΒ  since it’s similar territory to whatΒ BTS has being doing, even if they are clearly introducing a new and separate tone into the discussion. But then again after watching that video animation thing about the “boy with the horns” and the “boy with the wings” during their live stage, it seems like bighit might wanna actually tie both groups together?

Since I keep hearing fans say that the the horns boy could be representative of TXT and the wings boy could be BTS. so hmmm πŸ€” Maybe we are being introduced into aΒ bighit shared universe? haha Now that would be interesting. Probs not though, maybe just a loose connection at best. But it does seem to me like they are trying to paint them as different sides to the same coin at least. and even that is intriguing.

Anywho I don’t wanna get too deep… just yet…I’m sure there will be more chances for deeper discussions down the line. Specially if they do go with an intertwined/complimentary type story line.

So yeah I think this was a solid outing for a first time. Who ever picked the concept was right on the money because it matched the boy’s youthful looks and warm vocals. I give their debut MV an 8.5/10. I’m excited to now go and check out their album. As always feel free to share you’re thoughts. πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “TXT Makes Their Debut!

  1. I wasn’t a huge fan of the video, the editing was a little cheesy and the concept a bit too cutesy for my taste. The song is pretty solid though and the rest of the album is promising. Don’t know if I’d give them Rookie of the Year yet (my heart belongs to Ateez) but they’re promising and definitely individual: not a BTS carbon copy.


    • Thanks for sharing. I admit its too quick to call rookie of the year. But at the same time I think the global impact their debut is having just about puts it in the bag.

      I also had some trouble with the cutesyness of the video but I found the more I watched it and new what they were going for, the more I accepted it. πŸ™‚


  2. The quality of their song is so good and that alone makes them shine on their own. I for one checked them out of pure curiosity and I left wanting more because they’re song is good very a debut. Very promising. Bighit doing it right!

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      • wow you gots lot catch up on then!

        Personally I think the album is full of bops. 2 standouts for me are “cat & dog” and “blue orangeade.” Cat & dog in particular cuz its such a fun song. slightly weird lyrics but so good. πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


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