Added to my bias groups: Z-Boys

No Limit is the most hype song of 2019 and I don’t think you can convince me otherwise.

*No your ears aren’t deceiving you, the song is indeed in English!*

Ok so I recently discovered Z-Boys thinking they were gonna be yet another K-pop group to hit the scene, but boy was I wrong. Dead wrong to the max. Apparently this group and their sister group(Z-Girls, not making that up) are part of a new project called Z-Pop Dream. If you are like me you probs hadn’t heard of it before, which is why I wanted to bring it up.

Basically it’s something that was just created a few months ago by Zenith Media Contents. What could possibly be so interesting about it you ask? Well… it’s their ambitious mission statement that caught my eye. What they are trying to do apparently is to use music in the stylings of “k-pop”, such with these groups, to be like ambassadors to the new generation of youths. Specifically throughout Asia that they call Generation Z.

That’s right they wanna unite all these different cultures through song. Yeah it sounds kinda cheesy, ok reeeeaallly cheesy, but the specifics on “the how” is pretty cool actually.

They way they are doing it is by creating groups with members from different Asian backgrounds. So you can see how I was wrong in thinking this was just gonna be another kpop group. Z-boys and Z-Girls if all goes good will be like the first wave of many more to come. In fact, Z-Boys is actually their first attempt at this. 

From top row you got: Roy(Vietnamese), Gai(Japanese), Blink(Thai)

the z-boysThen from Second row you got: Sid( Indian), Mavin(Indonesian), Josh(Filipino), and Perry(Taiwanese)

Normally when you find a new group like this, whether it’s kpop, jpop, vpop, or whatever else, it’s not too surprising to find out they have a foreign member right? Usually it’s one or two max though. Here however, it’s clearly different since EVERYONE is from somewhere else. Meaning with this group it’s more like I-pop(international pop) thus you have a better chance to see yourself represented.(and ain’t that a good thing) It somehow makes it feel more fresh and open to possibilities doesn’t it?

That said though, obviously that alone isn’t enough to make a group. Diversity is cool and all but at the end of the day you clearly need some good music first and foremost….. Hard to get anywhere if you ain’t got the proper jams to back you up. But luckily I think these guys got that covered too. Obviously, otherwise why would I continue writing this eh?

This ultimately brings us to the main point of this post, “No Limit” is a solid foundation.

Their song No Limit has been a standout among recent releases. I would dare say the biggest pleasant surprise I’ve had so far in 2019. It hits so many check marks with me, and I suspect will with many of you too, that is why I wanna share. So forget about them being targeted towards Asians for a sec,  I think if they were to play their cards right they can have mass appeal with everyone period.

From the looks of it they already have:

  • Great Vocals(their English is impeccable)
  • Dynamic Choreo(on par with the highest standards of Kpop)
  • Nice Production Values(it’s a new label but the videos don’t seem cheap)
  • Cool Fashion
  • Lyrics that Pump you up(I want this song to be the theme to my life)
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc. 😂

and this is only the beginning.

For me, I’m already so in complete love with the chorus and breakdowns of this ONE song, I can’t recommend them enough. It’s early in their career I know but they show much promise already. If in need of motivation I can’t think of that many better songs to vibe with. Will they end up creating world peace with songs like this like their label wants them too, probs not, but hey at least they can get everyone mad hype. lol That’s still worth something.

I can only wish them and their label the best of luck with their mission statement going forward. It’s gonna be interesting to see how far they can go with it. To see with what kind of songs they follow up with, I’m really curious. With that feel free to share your thoughts as always.

See yah.





8 thoughts on “Added to my bias groups: Z-Boys

  1. boy I’ve been hyped for Z-Boys and Z-Girls since before their debut, and I was really excited to see the first Indian K-Pop stars as i’m from India myself. They’ve started off really well. But I do hope to see Z-Boys utilizing their resources more completely as they have a couple of amazing rappers on the team, and the rap parts in No Limit were kinda meh.

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    • Oh wow you’ve followed them since pre-debut. That’s cool. I actually thought the rap was ok . The fact that you say they are capable of more excites me. Makes me even more excited for the future.


  2. Z-Girls priyanka had been the best vocal winner in Changwon World Kpop Festival 2016. Do watch her performace video there. It’s available in Youtube.

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  3. Never heard of them but oh my gosh, they’re good. I love the idea of them being from multiple countries. Will definitely be looking into more of their music


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