Bring Back Star Dance Battle


Sometimes you write a post and that’s the end of it, but sometimes… you get inspired in unintended ways. That is what happened here and it’s all because of a little clip I linked to in my “Kpop This WeekEND #5” post. I don’t know how many of you peeps actually clicked on it but while I was talking about Jung Juri, the famous female comedian, I put a link up to one of her parody performances. Which just so happened to be from a show called Star Dance Battle. Funny how this seemingly small act turned out be way more than I thought it would as it led me right to the Tubes(YouTube) for more.

In fact I found myself going through an unplanned nostalgia trip going from one video clip to the next. lol And rather than fight it of I felt it would be better if I’d extend a hand out and invite you all on this trip with me. To do that I decided to share 3 cool clips from that show. With the intention being that you will love them and then in turn join me in asking for this show to be brought back.

But before I get to that I guess I should at least fill you in a bit about what exactly this whole show was about. Which don’t worry it’s a very simple premise. If anything it is actually kinda similar to the modern American show Lip Sync Battle. A show that is all the rage nowadays. Maybe you’ve caught it on tv or online somewhere. Pretty much this has a similar type of concept except here you have groups/entertainers cover songs by other groups. Mostly done in good fun and for humorous affect. Sometimes even having guys cover girl groups and vice-versa. So how about it am I getting your interest peeked yet, at least a little?


Well here are a few videos that I think will give you a good sense of what the overall feel of the show was like:

To begin things, it only seems fitting that I start with a comedian. Since that is what started this whole train of thought. And I know just the one. Her name is Shin Bong Sun and I gotta go with her own version of HyunA’s Change. Mostly because it has a good balance of humor and… unexpected swagger? 😛 Seriously though at the time this came out this song was my most replayed Kpop song so I marked heavily when she did this cover. 😆😄Oh and those back up dancers, none other than the group BEAST. Haha Like where else are you gonna see a a comedian doing this while an actual group is back up?


Next I gotta pick this because it showcases the more “lit” approach. I did mention that it wasn’t all jokey stuff. Plus you can see that they would also incorporate Western songs. Which I’m sure many international fans took fondly. The group is called After School and it’s one of those that ain’t afraid to try new things musically.


Lastly, you know I gotta show a guy group covering a girl group cuz those always get the most buzz. lol 😅😆😄😎 That is why I have here for you Dongho from U-Kiss, Dongjun from ZE:A, and SungJong from Infinite. What makes this so funny is that they do it pretty much just like the original! It’s kinda scary just how good they are at it. Haha My fave part though is when they suddenly hit the break down and go into their actual group moves. That part never fails to make me loose it. 🤣😁

If all that boygroup stuff would have not worked out then they could have easily fallen back on becoming an actual girlgroup. Don’t you think? 🙂 I say that because it is kinda hard to tell. 😛 Specially with SungJong, the one in pink.


There you have it folks. Don’t you think it would be really interesting to have this show or one with a similar premise back. Just imagine all your favorite idols of today going up against each other and doing quirky performances like this. I mean a show like this is pretty much designed to get us all fangirling/fanboying our hearts out. I know I would loose my mind if you had groups like BTS, Blackpink, and MAMAMOO on there. I could picture all the hijinks already. hahahaha

So what do you say? I’d like to hear your thoughts. ^_^

4 thoughts on “Bring Back Star Dance Battle

  1. I had no knowledge of this show until now. It looks like something I would enjoy.
    I am also happy to have discovered more BEAST stuff to watch 🙂

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  2. I used to really like watching Jung Juri on Strong Heart and Star Golden Bell and when she used to cover the idol groups songs was always the funniest, it seems like she show was actually made for her! I saw the After School video in my YouTube suggestions but never watched it but now I’ll definitely have to check it out!

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